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Find Your Fuel to Thrive

Posted: August 2, 2017
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Amy Yeoman of Fuel to Thrive has something special planned for the members of Farmgirlfit! She's super qualified, sweet, fit, & ready to transition us from summer shenanigans back to fueling our bodies with healthy nutritious food!

What a summer, huh? Seems like we waited so long for it to arrive, and then BAM! It came in full force. Sunshine, 90+ degree heat! We’re in the throes of it now, and hopefully everyone is enjoying: days on the lake, outdoor adventures, meeting friends on the patio for dinner or happy hour…all good things! But, if you’re anything like us, that maaaaaay also mean a few too many boat drinks, BBQ beers, chips and dip, ice cream…mmmm are you hungry…or thirsty??? Ya, we get it, but pretty soon, gotta get off the boat! Time to rein it in. Yes, it’s good for a season {live your life!} but just as summer gives way to fall, it’s time to transition back to healthful eating of real, nutritious food that fuels your body! Oh, that…YES, that!

It’s the perfect time, really. As your schedule shifts with back-to-school, or just with the end of summer, let’s build those healthy eating habits into your new routine. To set you up for success, we’ve partnered with Amy Yeoman, founder of Fuel to Thrive, for a project we are super excited about!

Meet Amy!

You may recognize Amy from a couple of Farmer’s Market tours we’ve done with her this summer. She is a Registered Dietician, certified Personal Trainer, accomplished runner, and outdoor enthusiast. Like us, Amy is passionate about helping others to live their best life. In her words:

“I realized that the food I ate affected how I felt on and off the trails. As I began to take control of my nutrition and fitness, my image of myself changed. I felt empowered and accomplished things that I never could have imagined. I began to be proud of who I was and that seemed to seep into every area of my life. At that time I realized the positive impact I could have on this world was helping others take control of their health by adapting healthy lifestyle habits.”

Amy has worked with a wide variety of populations, so whether you are looking to make a lifestyle shift, or take your athletic performance to the next level, Amy can help! Through Fuel to Thrive, she typically offers her services in a one-on-one format. At Farmgirlfit, though, we’re kinda hooked on the small group thing. We like the extra support, encouragement and motivation that comes from working with like-minded individuals. So that’s what we’re bringing you this September: Amy’s expertise and guidance + the camaraderie and support you’ve come to expect with Farmgirlfit, to help you find your fuel to thrive! We’re calling it…The Underwire…because #thesegirlsaresupported! 😉

The Underwire

We all know the benefits of the underwire in a bra. This part of the garment is meant to encourage you to feel your finest by lifting and supporting while forming you into YOUR best shape. Underwire is also key in preventing sagging. This program is meant to do all those things!! You will be working together in a small group of fellow Farmgirlfit members with similar nutrition goals. These groups are meant to lift you up and support you. They will also encourage you to feel your best as you shape your life to include healthier nutrition habits. And there is no way the group is going to let you sag on your goals!!

The Details:

The Underwire is an 8-week program. Before we begin, you select which one of 6 groups, you most identify with from a nutrition standpoint. The guidance, challenges, and goals over the 8 weeks will be tailored to each specific group. We’ll be announcing the specifics of each group over the coming weeks. [UPDATE: Read the details of the 6 groups HERE.] Regardless of which group you choose, the 8-week program will include:

  • Informational/Launch meetings – 3 dates to choose from (see below).
  • Weekly education and challenges specific to your group delivered via email. These are very intentional to progress you towards your goals, and to build long-term healthy habits.
  • Private Facebook group to connect with the other Underwire participants - to share struggles, encouragements, and ideas.
  • One face-to-face group meeting with Amy (midway through) to facilitate additional learning and connection with your group.
  • Finale meeting with all groups to celebrate accomplishments and look at what is next!

*Additional meetings within your group highly encouraged!

Important Dates:

Initial Information Meetings – members from both locations can attend any of the 3 meetings:

📌TUE 8/22 at 7:30pm (Spo)

📌THU 8/24 at 7:30pm (CdA)

📌SAT 8/26 at 10:00am (Spo)

Last day to sign up = WED 8/30

First day of challenge = TUE 9/5 … Right after Labor Day!

Face-to-face group meetings = 9/25-10/13 (to be scheduled with your group)

Finale meeting = Last weekend of October (details TBA)

How to sign up:

As mentioned, the 6 different groups will be announced over the coming weeks. Sign up for your preferred group at either Farmgirlfit location.

Other details:

There is a separate fee to participate in The Underwire, which will be collected by Fuel to Thrive, either in person at the Information Meetings or via email through an invoice. How much would you pay to FINALLY have the tools to take control of your nutrition? To learn how to eat well? To fuel your body properly? AND to have the guidance and support to actually follow through on it??? What’s that worth to you? We’ve settled on $90, for the full 8-weeks. That’s less than $12/week and it will be worth it. YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT! 

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