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Maria Scaletta, 55

Posted: March 10, 2017
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“Since I've been coming to FGF, I've PR’d in my last 70.3 Ironman. I'm a faster and stronger runner, getting up those hills so much faster. I have more muscle than I've ever had in my life at the age of 55!”

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Farmgirlfit Cd’A


Dental Hygienist

Tell us about your fitness journey. How did you come to Farmgirlfit?

The funny thing is my sisters know me as the girl who refused to do anything that made me sweat. After having children, I joined a gym and eventually became an Aerobic Instructor. After my children grew up and moved out, my husband and I moved to Cd’A. At age 47, I decide to start running and did my first half marathon. I did my first triathlon when I was 50. I did Crossfit when I could fit it in and enjoyed it, but most of my time was spent on swimming, biking and running, with a splash of yoga here and there. After having a bone scan my doctor informed me that my numbers indicated a risk of osteoporosis and advised me to start lifting heavy weights, or take medication. I took the challenge and decided it would be lifting. I had heard about Farmgirlfit from a friend...

From the moment I walked into the gym I loved it. I was nervous on my way there, but once I met Jeni I relaxed. She had also signed up for the Cd’A 70.3 Ironman. A few more ladies from the triathlon team I belong to (CdA Tri Team) joined, which kept me accountable. Now, I’ve encouraged other friends to join, and help keep them accountable! I feel stronger than I've ever been in my life!

What has been your greatest fitness/performance accomplishment so far?

Completing 70.3 Half Ironman in under 7 hours!

What are your next health and fitness goals?

To complete a 52k trail run in April as well as a triathlon pushing a disable person in a wheelchair with Team Hoyt group.

Who/what inspires you to be fit?  

Old age. Growing old isn't for sissies.

Favorite workout song?  

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty

Favorite exercise at FGF is? Least favorite?

The first time I saw a rope climbed I hoped I would be able to do it someday, and made it my goal on the spot. The first time I got up I was so happy that I forgot that coming down would be a bit scary since I'm afraid of heights! My least favorite are burpees, but I try to embrace them.

When the Grind is kicking my butt, I’m thinking…

I need to just embrace the suck.

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

FGF always feels welcoming like I'm at a good friend’s house: smiles, and greetings, and “How are you?” but not in the way you casually and almost automatically say to a stranger, but actually asking, waiting for, listening to, and interested in the answer!

How has the rest of your life been influenced/impacted by Farmgirlfit?

Since I've been coming to FGF, I've PR’d in my last 70.3 Ironman. I'm a faster and stronger runner, getting up those hills so much faster. I have more muscle than I've ever had in my life at the age of 55! Who would a thought?

When you're not pumping iron at FGF, what does the rest of your life look like?

I have a wonderful supporting husband who always cheers me on and joins me on a run sometimes. I'm a grandma of 2 beautiful grandkids. I enjoy doing anything outdoors. It’s my happy place.

I'm so thankful for my health and I want to give back. I've had the honor to push a disabled individual in a wheelchair in two 5k races. The joy they express by being able to participate is priceless.

Words that inspire me?

My friend Sgt. Greg Moore once wrote on his FB page, “Whatever you put into life, you get out of life. So don't quit. And don't stop. Drive onward, always onward.” He was killed in the line of duty May 5th 2015. K27.

I’m proud…

Of my daughter, she plays roller derby and gives 100%.

You might not know this about me:

I love to quilt, and I have a thumb that looks like a toe.

Talk to us about food:

Favorite post workout meal: Cheeseburgers

Healthy indulgence: Blackberries

Guilty pleasure: Potato chips

Team I’m always rooting for:

Chicago Cubs

My hero is

My dad, he always made me laugh and believed in me. I miss him everyday.

My trademark dance move:

It's pretty scary and has no name!

My favorite holiday:

I love Christmas! It's a day to celebrate the birth of Christ and celebrate each other.

Any advice for new members or your fellow farmgirls?

It’s ok to be scared/nervous to do something new that looks difficult, you are not alone. It's rewarding to conquer those fears!

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