Jeni Davaz


Jeni is a busy mom and wife raising two active boys. She has a spunky and competitive spirit, and thrives on the camaraderie and friendly competition of Farmgirlfit. She grew up playing softball and racing BMX bikes against the boys, then in her 30s, discovered soccer and triathlons, affirming her belief that it’s never too late to try new things.

Jeni has a master’s degree in education, having taught for 12 years before taking up a career with Farmgirlfit. As a coach, she approaches each of The Grinds as an opportunity to teach, and is herself a life-long learner. She has earned coaching certificates from USA Weightlifting and CrossFit. She firmly believes that each member is an athlete, and loves helping them achieve what they once thought impossible!

favorite workout song

Anything 80s and 90s big hair bands... Mötley Crüe and Poison? Heck yes! 

as a kid, i dreamt I'd grow up to be

Billy Idol's wife. His fanclub received several proposals from my 4th grade self! I even sent a final request (as a joke) when my hubby proposed!

You might not know

I once happened upon a lumberjack competition, entered the axe throwing contest, and won!

Words to live by

Find a strength: build on it. Find a weakness: make it a strength!

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