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Pennies for Pull-Ups 2017

Posted: September 28, 2017
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Pennies for Pull-Ups is our annual charity fundraiser -- our anniversary celebration, a challenge to our members, and an opportunity to give back to our community. This year marks our 6th anniversary overall, 3rd in Cd’A, and we look forward to making it our best yet, as we partner with a new local charity: Every Woman Can.

The month of October marks our anniversary – this year, our 6th anniversary overall. 6 years of building strength - physical, mental, and emotional. 6 years of friendships, encouragement, and support. 6 years of plain ol' hard work, and lots of fun! 6 years of learning that you are capable; you are stronger than you think; and yes, you can! Every woman can!

Every year we have celebrated our anniversary with this Pennies for Pull-Ups (P4P) charity fundraiser -- a challenge to our members, and an opportunity to give back to our community. We partner with a different local charity each year, and have not yet partnered with a Breast Cancer Awareness organization. Of course, there are so many worthy charities in our community, but it’s a bit of a wonder really, considering October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we have worked with upwards of 3000 women in our 6 year tenure. Statistically, 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer, so of those 3000 women, that’s 375, not including mothers, sisters, daughters, and other loved ones.

We have all been touched by breast cancer in some way, and in the last year, it’s been too often for our Farmgirlfit community. So this year, we’ve decided to partner with Every Woman Can, and are committed to doing what we can to bring awareness and education about breast cancer to our community, and to provide support to patients, survivors, and the families of those who've lost their battle. Please join us!

How Does P4P Work?

Each day for the entire month of October, Farmgirlfit members are challenged to complete the number of pull-ups corresponding to the date:

  • October 1st – do 1 pull-up
  • October 2nd – do 2 pull-ups
  • October 3rd – do 3 pull-ups, and so on, until
  • October 31st – do 31 pull-ups!
For EVERY pull-up completed during the month, Farmgirlfit will donate 1 penny ($0.01) to a local charity.


By the end of the month, if a member completes the full challenge, she will have done 496 pull-ups! There’s even a bonus option to do 4 more on the last day to join the 500 Club. Last year, 267 of our incredible members participated, completing a total of 71,148 pull-ups for those served by the Union Gospel Mission’s Center for Women and Children (Cd’A) and Crisis Shelter for Women and Children (Spokane).

We would love to have each and every one of our members participate by completing as many days’ pull-ups as possible during the month! Members are also encouraged to reach out to family and friends to sponsor them either for a flat dollar amount, or a per pull-up contribution. This year, we have a little extra incentive for you to gather sponsors: Every 6 sponsors you get {it is our 6th anniversary after all} = 1 entry into a drawing for an AWESOME prize pack. More details are at the gym! HERE is an informational flyer you can distribute to potential sponsors.

This Year’s Charity

Each year we look for a different local charity to receive 100% of the funds raised, so that all funds stay within the community, and one whose mission aligns to ours. This year we have chosen Every Woman Can.

Every Woman Can is on a mission to save lives throughout the Inland Northwest, raising funds to grant to local community organizations who provide breast health education, facilitation of patient navigation and support to survivors:

   ✔️ Awareness. Every Woman Can, 1 in 8 will get breast cancer.

   ✔️ Wellness. Breast cancer is not preventable; however healthy choices reduce the risk.

   ✔️ Education. Mammograms save lives. Beginning at age 40, get your annual mammogram.

Representatives from Every Woman Can will be coming to visit us at each location to educate us about breast cancer, to teach us how to conduct self-exams, and to share their stories. We hope you’ll join us for these complimentary sessions:

     📅 CDA: Saturday October 7th 9:00-9:30am

     📅 SPOKANE: Saturday October 21st 10:00-10:30am

The Details

  • Any variation of pull-up counts—strict, kipping, jumping, with bands, or ring rows—BUT your challenge is to stick with the same version or band(s) throughout the entire month, or move to a MORE challenging option.
  • Pull-ups MUST be completed at a Farmgirlfit location to keep you accountable—special arrangements can be made for extended travel.
  • Even on days when you’re not attending The Grind, you’re welcome to come do your pull-ups during the last 10 minutes of any regularly scheduled class.
  • You can make up the pull-ups of days missed, BUT can NOT work ahead.
  • Consistency is the key! The goal is to add just 1 more pull-up each day…not to save them all up and do them at the end.
  • Record your pull-ups in the binder provided at each location. This is what we will use to tally at the end of the month.
  • Tax Deduction: If sponsors would like a deductible receipt of their donation for tax purposes, they MUST make their check payable directly to Every Woman Can.

Coaches’ Challenge

Everyday at Farmgirlfit, out coaches push you, encourage you, try to motivate you to put in the hard work to get the results you want! Have you ever thought you might like to return the “favor”??? 😉 Here’s your opportunity, put your money where your mouth is! On the last day, October 31st, every single one of your coaches will give an all-out effort: max pull-ups in a row! How many do you think we can get? How much would you pay per pull-up? We know the value of hard work, and we’re excited to see what we can accomplish! Here’s the kicker: however many pull-ups we get, we will also do the same number of BURPEES {minimum: 30 burpees}. We’re making the commitment; will you? Time to ante up! 💪🙌🤑

How Can Non-Members Participate?

We welcome you to sponsor one of our coaches or members for either a flat dollar amount, or a per pull-up contribution. If you would like to contribute directly to our fundraising cause, you can do so with Cash, Check payable to Farmgirlfit (or to Every Woman Can for tax deduction) or via PayPal to – please specify it for “Friends and Family” and indicate it as “Pennies for Pull-Ups.”

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