Call it a #covidcomeback! We are BACK OPEN at both locations, AND we continue to offer a variety of At-Home options for those not ready or not able to rejoin us in person. Get the deets:

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At Farmgirlfit we strive to create a lifestyle that includes taking time for regular exercise and good nutritional choices. However, we understand that time is valuable to the modern woman. In an hour or less, members will complete a workout that is functional, creative, and challenging in an energetic, upbeat atmosphere.

Our experienced coaches guide members through the daily workout, The GrindTM, designed specifically for women, and different every single day. Although the workouts will challenge you, Farmgirlfit offers pre-programmed levels to ensure that you always have an achievable option. You will leave feeling proud and accomplished, and maybe even pleasantly surprised! Farmgirlfit creates value by focusing on performance based results; the inches and pounds are an added benefit to your dedication.

Regardless of background, experience level, or what you think you cannot do, we want you to know: You are strong. You are capable. You CAN do it. The question is will you? 


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