So you’re wondering how to start a career with Farmgirlfit.

You may want to know what it means to coach for Farmgirlfit? Or why our members, when asked their favorite thing(s) about Farmgirlfit, consistently mention our Coaches

Coaching for Farmgirlfit, is more than being an instructor or personal trainer; it goes beyond having qualifications and knowledge, though, that is equally important. In many ways, coaching for Farmgirlfit is about becoming a leader and active participant in a community of like-minded, and yet highly diverse individuals.


In the most basic role, a Farmgirlfit coach is a teacher or instructor guiding the members through a workout that may include highly technical, or at the very least, unfamiliar exercises. Using appropriate language for the audience, recognizing the most effective types of cues, and adapting to different learning styles in order to communicate efficiently are all crucial. Coaches must be able to guide and support newcomers, while challenging even the most experienced athletes. The goal is to help all members grow and learn; to find their independence and confidence in their abilities, even as they continue to push those boundaries.


Farmgirlfit coaches must have a passion, energy, and intuition to get to know the members as individuals. The ability to relate to, connect with, understand, and ultimately motivate anyone who walks through our doors, regardless of age, stage of life, background or level of experience, is essential. To know where they are coming from, where they hope to be, AND how best to help them get there! A Farmgirlfit Coach prioritizes the members' goals, and inspires their achievement through her own words and actions, both within the gym and outside of it.


As part of the Farmgirlfit community, coaches are not only leaders, but also active participants. They believe in the Farmgirlfit mission and recognize the value of community. Even when not coaching, they are excited to be present and involved: to participate in The GrindTM alongside members, to attend or lead social events in the gym and outside of it, and simply to keep in touch with the pulse of the Farmgirlfit community by being friends with the members.


Just as we expect constant improvement from our members, so too do we expect a drive for excellence from our coaches. Farmgirlfit coaches must demonstrate sufficient knowledge to modify workouts or movements for a variety of reasons, including injury, experience, fitness level, limited range of motion, pregnancy or post-partum, class size, inclimate weather conditions, etc. Farmgirlfit coaches are eager to expand their knowledge base, learn new techniques, skills, and modalities to provide the best possible service and experience to the members!

We're hiring!

We are currently looking for 1 or 2 Coaches to join our team in Spokane. Full Job Description is available HERE. If you think Farmgirlfit is right for you, please get in touch by using the form below. Be sure to include your current resume.  

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