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Life taking you away from the gym? Or maybe an in-gym experience isn't your thing, BUT you're still looking for a challenging, yet achievablefun and consistent workout routine? One that can be done:

  • On your time,
  • From your home (or anywhere else you choose),
  • With the accountability of a community of women who are IN IT with you,
  • With the expert guidance of our friendly and knowledgeable coaches?

Welcome to Farmgirlfit Online!

Follow our structured Weekly Programming, or pick and choose your favorites!

What's Included:

Videos On Demand

Hundreds of pre-recorded workouts. Find your favorites, or follow our week-by-week programming for a complete, well-balanced, full-body fitness routine. *New workouts added weekly!


live-stream classes

The best of an in-gym experience—expert coaching plus the energy, accountability, and camaraderie of a group class—right in your home or wherever life takes you!


Printable pdf

Each week we include a printable PDF of the week's workouts in written format: a handy visual resource during the workouts + accountability tool as you mark off each completed workout + tips, tricks, and inspiration from your Coaches.


ACCESS from anywhere

Take us with you anywhere life takes you. Our workouts are accessible from any device, and you can pick up right where you left off...even if on a different device! COMING SOON: our FREE app for Android, iPhone and iPad. One sign-in for the website and all your devices.


Community Connection

The support, encouragement, and accountability you need, both from our expert coaches, and the community of women who are IN IT with you. We are better together!

Equipment Needed:

Besides YOUR BODY, a powerful piece of equipment all on it's own, we recommend the following to get the most from our Farmgirlfit Online workouts:

NOTE: You do not need ALL of these for every workout, AND we have dozens of workouts that don't require any equipment. But, if you're going to make Farmgirlift Online your regular workout routine, we recommend the following:

  1. Dumbbells: Strength-training is a key component of our program and in a limited space, dumbbells provide the most flexibility and variety. You only need 1 pair at a "medium-heavy" weight, whatever that is for YOU. If you have the option, though, we would recommend a lighter pair and heavier pair. We also recommend they be hexagon-shaped, as opposed to round on the ends. These ones are great!
  2. Yoga Mat: We do quite a bit of work down to the floor so a standard yoga mat is useful. If you want something larger, we recommend Gorilla Mats.
  3. Jump Rope: Not necessary, we always provide alternatives, but a nice option to mix in variety, and we love the way it helps to improve coordination, agility, and bone density! This one is so perfectly Farmgirlfit! 💜
  4. Mini-Loop Resistance Band: Again, not necessary, but a nice option to mix in variety, especially if you are travelling or won't have access to dumbbells. We have a few full-body workouts using only a mini-loop resistance band, like THESE.
  5. Equipment that could be incorporated: We believe variety is the spice of life! In our workouts, we'll reference options for making use of any of the following (depending on the workout). If you don't have them already, no need to go purchase, but if you already have them, keep 'em handy: Kettlebell  |  Long Resistance Band  |  Slam Ball or Med Ball  |  Weighted Plate  |  Plyo Box   Barbell, or any cardio equipment: Treadmill, Bike, Rower, Stair Climber, etc.
  6. Other #SweatSpace Considerations: 
    1. Dimensions: You should be able to stand and extend your arms in any direction, as well as lie down on the ground or floor.
    2. Sturdy Wall: For balance purposes, you may want to be near a solid wall.
    3. Sturdy Chair: Or a lifting bench or plyo box will be useful.
    4. Music: Nothing quite motivates like that perfect playlist! We highly recommend music while completing our workouts. You can check out some of our Coaches' favorite playlists HERE.

Accountability & Community:

Community is a powerful thing! It’s support, motivation, a source of information, a sense of belonging, and the confidence that you are not alone. Our Farmgirlfit Online platform has it's own private "Community" area only open to active subscribers: a place for us to interact with each other {members AND Coaches}, ask questions, provide encouragement, and simply stay in touch! 

We also have a private group on Facebook: FGF@Homies. Once you start a Farmgirlfit Online subscription, you are granted life-time access to this exclusive support group! Request to join HERE!


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