We believe music is a crucial element to creating an atmosphere where you want to work hard, and we also know how frustrating it is when you just can’t find the right tunes to match your mood, so we’ve created our own playlists to help power you through The Grind, both in the gyms and at home. This selection of Spotify playlists curated by our coaches span genres, decades, and moods. We’re certain you’ll find at least one to become your new fave. And if not, check back again soon – we’re adding new ones all the time!


This playlist is especially a celebration of and for our friends in the LGBTQ+ community. No matter who you are though, it will give you that extra motivation to get up, get moving, and get sweaty, as the best way to show yourself, your body, some appreciation for all that you are and all you can do!


FGF - Let's Go!

This is that new new! Only the best fast-paced remixes of some of your favorite throwbacks...and some you didn't even know you needed in your life. When you're lacking the motivation to get going, this playlist will bring it for you!



Originally created for our FGF@Home program, this playlist has been updated and added to over the last couple years, and stands the test of time! More than 100 songs and 8+ hours of music, this one has something for everyone!


GET OUT & RUN (>130-150 BPM)

As our minutes ramp up with Run for a Reason, we bring you 2 new playlists to help you stay on pace...literally! This playlist is 2 hours of upbeat songs to get you out for a comfortable and conversational easy-paced run. All songs at a tempo of >130 to 150 bpm.



When you need a little extra motivation to pick up the pace and pick up your feet! Let's go, time to push it a little! An hour and a half of songs all above 160 bpm.


Pre/Post Class

Chill vibes for warming up and cooling down.


Never Miss a Monday

Channel your inner Bada$$ B and start the week off right.


Throwback Thursday

Classic throwback jams to power through your workout.


Farmgirlfit Friday

Who Run the World?


Farmgirlfit Midday Grind Jams

Created by 2 of our OG Farmgirlfit members – Mel and Rach. Kick the kids out, hit shuffle, and get ready to turn up!



Upbeat popular jams (new additions all the time) for an uptempo pace and sweat session.


Ready to Rock

AC/DC to Van Halen, this 90-minute playlist will have you ready to rock and roll The Grind!



Full of hard beat drops and popular DJs.


Hip Hop Clean

A mix of old and new beats, hit shuffle and enjoy…even with little ears around.


Let’s Go! Explicit Hip Hop

No bleeps here! This playlist will power you through your workout, or deep cleaning the house, but NOT suitable for all audiences.


FGF Pop Punk

All the Pop Punk jams from Blink to Fall Out Boy to Panic! At The Disco.


Light and Fun

Massive mix of fun hits for a fun workout, 'cause girls just wanna!


Speed It Up

Pick it up for those Tabatas and fast intervals.


How You Like Me Now

A little bit hardcore, a little bit fun, a little bit of attitude to get you through your workout.


Go Fast

Plain and simple, this playlist will help you bring the speed!


FGF Classic Rock

Courtesy of Coach Lauren: Timeless jams for challenging Grinds.


InstaStory Workout Songs

Shared by member Diane H., this is the short (51 mins) and not-so-sweet playlist you didn't know you needed in your life, but now won't be able to live without! 



Another from Coach Lauren: Dumping any and all "rap" that I like. If these artists won an award they'd be considered a rapper. All clean.


Don't see a playlist you like? Stay tuned, we're adding more all the time, and if YOU have a favorite Spotify playlist to share with your fellow #FarmgirlfitFriends or #FGFatHomies, please email us at 📧!

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