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Sweet Enough Sugar Shakedown

Posted: February 3, 2018
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Welcome to Farmgirlfit’s 6-week shakedown on SUGAR! Each week we will learn about a different potential source of sugar, and focus on eliminating it from our diets. Our goal is to help you recognize where and how you consume sugar, and to motivate you to remove those sources for that week and the weeks to follow. After all, you are already, SWEET ENOUGH!

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YOU! Farmgirlfit members and any friends or family who want to {even remotely} come along for the ride. What’s the saying…happiness loves company?! 🤔😂 Buddy up, grab a “No Sugar Sweetie,” 💞 who will help you stay accountable through the 6-weeks!


February seems like the perfect time to gather together, and show a little extra LOVE to ourselves by conquering the sugar dragons that sneak in all too easily. Farmgirlfit is challenging YOU to commit to 6 weeks with us, working towards eliminating sugar from our diets. As always, we want this to be a sustainable way of living! This is not a quick fix, gimmick, or temporary lifestyle change. You will learn to read labels, try new recipes, and make better choices overall. Hopefully, the tools you apply and the knowledge you gain will stay with you far after this focus is over.


Each week, we will prompt you to focus on ONE new source of sugar, adding to the one before. By week 6, you will be applying all 6 categories to your lifestyle! Sounds simple enough right?! We will also ask you to track your water consumption 💦 to make sure you are drinking enough to fuel and hydrate your body throughout the day, AT LEAST 8 x 8-10oz glasses per day! Pick up a tracking calendar at the front desk of your FGF location, or you can print your own HERE!

A perk of doing this together, is the accountability and the support from your fellow Farmgirls. Grab your “No Sugar Sweetie” before February 12th to be your go-to buddy throughout the 6 weeks. And if you come across a compliant recipe, an excellent resource, or anything you have found helpful, SHARE IT using the hashtag #FGFSweetEnough and tag @Farmgirlfit in your post.


February 12th to March 25th with each week running from Monday to Sunday. Each week will follow the same schedule:

  • Saturday: Post the upcoming focus.
  • Sunday: Grocery shop; meal + mental prep day.
  • Monday: It’s time to attack!

…But how do I win prizes?!

We want to hear from you. Connect your mind to your body and reflect on your choices! When you accomplish a week, just fill out a journal entry (also at the front desks, or download HERE) and give us some feedback: How did you feel? Was this week easy for you, or did it have you taking an afternoon nap? Each week’s entry can either be submitted privately just to your coaches, or hung on display to share with your fellow Farmgirls. Submit all 6 weeks of entries and you will qualify to win 1 of 2 Grand Prizes per location! You will also see some impromptu prize opportunities along the way, posted via our Instagram (@Farmgirlfit) and Facebook pages (@Farmgirlfit and @Farmgirlfit Coeur d’Alene), so make sure you are following!      

This focus might look a little different for everyone, as we all have our different sugar weaknesses. We will lead you with guidelines and advice, but the responsibility is ultimately on you to decide what your weeks look like specifically. Use your best judgement on what to consume. Not sure whether a specific item or ingredient is allowable? A general rule would be…if you’re thinking twice about it, or feel like you have to ask permission, just say NO! 🙅‍♀️


This week is your time to prepare:

☝️ Start gathering resources, familiarizing yourself with sugar’s many other names, and potentially cleaning out your cupboards.

✌️ Pick up your tracking calendar at the gym, and perhaps treat yourself to a new water bottle!

👌 Find your “No Sugar Sweetie,” write your names on a half heart and pin up at the gym to show your commitment to keeping each other accountable!

Below are some resources we recommend you check out! Then look for the WEEK 1 POST next Saturday, February 10th!

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