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Be Present: Mindful Goal Setting

Posted: November 30, 2015
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The holiday season always brings about a hustle and bustle. On the one hand, fun and festive, but on the other, a bit daunting, stressful, even overwhelming as we get caught up in shopping, decorating, traveling, etc. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important, what we truly value. At Farmgirlfit, we challenge you to Be Present this holiday season. Be Present for yourself, for your family, for your friends. Take time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be…AND…start setting actionable steps for getting there!

First, check in with yourself. What IS important to you? WHO is important to you? Are you happy with where you are? Anything you “wish” you could change? Things you “want” to do? There’s no time like the PRESENT! Spend time reflecting, then make a declaration of Words that Inspire. These words motivate you, or serve as a reminder of what’s important to you. It can be a quote that inspires you, or you can create a personal motto or manifesto. Try using action verbs such as: I am, I allow, I know, I choose, I give – speaking in the first person. Play with it a little. Read them out loud. When you do, you should feel excited, confident, and determined!

Now we ask you to set a couple goals, at least 1 Personal Goal, and 1 Performance Goal, to share with the Farmgirlfit community. These are not goals that someone else imposes on you, these are for YOU. They should make you a little nervous, but more so excited. You will have to put forth effort to achieve them, but that effort should NOT be overwhelming or disheartening. When you think about these goals, you see a clear path to achieve them, and can visualize yourself actually doing it. So, perhaps the most important component, is you assign each a By When date – set a deadline, a timeframe to keep yourself accountable.

Personal Goal

Your Personal Goal can be related to family, friends, career/work, school, etc. We know you have a lot going on and many things that are important, we just want you to focus on ONE right now, call it out, give it value and more importantly time. It should be clear and concise. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big; it’s what matters most to you at this moment. Your personal goal can be more long term, but it still has a timeframe, a By When.

EXAMPLES: 5 out of 7 nights’ dinners are homemade | Organize and declutter my closet | Call my parents’ at least 1/week | Earn that big promotion | Join a community service group | Improve my Chemistry grade to __.

Performance Goal

This goal should be fitness- or health-based. Again, it should NOT be a goal imposed by anyone else, or to be the envy of your friends in the fitness community. What is something you know you can achieve if you give it value and time? Are you willing to do the work needed to get there? Remember, this goal will have a specific By When date, and it should make you excited!

The FGF Coaches can help you with setting this goal, and the steps necessary to achieve it. Our request to you: If you are considering a goal of losing __ lbs or inches, please reconsider your motives. Are you setting that goal because you want to look a certain way, or truly for improved internal health and performance? We challenge you to put more importance on a specific act or ability in the gym that may require you to not only get stronger, more mobile, agile or faster but in turn can change your body composition. Ask yourself what is something you could physically perform IF you did lose the lbs or inches? Set THAT as your goal.

EXAMPLES: Achieve a body weight (and a half) Deadlift. | Attend at least 4 Grind classes and 1 Yoga class each week. | String together 20+ Double Unders. | Complete an unassisted Pull-Up.

What Happens Now?

Take the next week to reflect and decide on your goals. Discuss them with a Coach, we’re all participating too. Once you’ve decided, we’ll ask you to share with your fellow Farmgirls via a special Be Present card we have prepared – one for each member. On it you will declare your “Words that Inspire” and both Goals. These cards will be tied up with ribbon and hung in the gym. They also include a spot for a small picture. Please have a Coach take your picture, or post a selfie on Instagram with #FGFBePresent, and tagging @Farmgirlfit, and we will print them for you. The “By When” :) for pictures is Sunday Dec. 6th at 6pm.

To get your wheels turning, here is how our 2 owners, Jenni and Jaunessa, will Be Present this holiday season:

Jenni Niemann

Words that Inspire: 

I know my dreams are bigger than my fears and my actions are stronger than my words.

Personal Goal:

Create a consistent, nightly routine with my family; creating a calming and enjoyable environment for everyone-one hour prior to bedtime. Place more value on adequate sleep. By When: Jan 1, 2016

Performance Goal:

Snatch 120 lbs. By When: Mar 7, 2015

Jaunessa Walsh

Words that Inspire:

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.” – Mandy Hale

Personal Goal:

Take 30 minutes per day for myself, to reflect, let go, and just BE. By When: 5 days per week Dec - Jan

Performance Goal:

Complete a 10’ Hand Stand Walk. By When: Feb 29, 2016

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