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Megan Maile, 27

Posted: January 25, 2019
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“Start with small, achievable goals and build up to bigger goals. Celebrate every accomplishment. You are capable of more than you think you are.”

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Farmgirlfit Spokane



Tell us about your fitness journey. How did you come to Farmgirlfit?

Growing up I was never thin but that didn’t stop me from playing every sport imaginable including softball, swimming, water polo, cross country, and wrestling. When I moved to Spokane to attend Gonzaga, I stopped working out regularly and started to gain weight. I did workout classes at the school gym from time to time and snowboarded weekly; but I never had a routine. Once I started working full time, my workouts got even more inconsistent, my weight continued to creep up, and my anxiety level went through the roof. Last January, I saw the FGF New Year’s promotion on Facebook and decided it was time to finally try it out. I’m glad I did because by the end of the first workout, I was hooked!

If you could tell your Farmgirlfit story in 100 words or fewer, how would it read?

I started in January of 2018 with the goal of completing just one workout. After that, I set a new goal to complete 10 classes by the end of February. Once I finished that, I set a goal of completing 100 workouts by the end of 2018. Now working out is part of my routine and I miss FGF on days I can’t make it.

What has been your greatest fitness/performance accomplishment so far?

I like to take on big fitness challenges and have completed a few different races and a sprint triathlon. But none of those things compare to my celebration when I finished my 100th FGF workout in my first year. {PIC ABOVE}

Who/what inspires you to be fit?

My mom. After beating breast cancer in 2014, she made a commitment to doing everything she could to limit the chance of it coming back. Since regular exercise lowers the risk of breast cancer, she works out 4 to 5 times a week and sends me a sweaty selfie every time to prove it. I try to make sure I have some equally funny ones to send back.   

What are your next health and fitness goals?

My main goal is to complete 150 workouts in 2019 but I have a myriad of other smaller goals. Deadlift 220 lbs, jump a 24” box, get multiple double unders in a row, shave 1 minute off my mile time, and get a banded pullup. Health wise I am working on cooking 6 days a week and focusing on increasing my lean protein/veggie intake while reducing my sugar intake.

Favorite exercise at FGF is? Least favorite?

I love deadlifts, back squats, and bench/floor presses. But I get a little queasy every time there are burpees, plate pushes, or a lot of running in the workout.

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

The community. Everyone is so encouraging. The first time I ever did a timed mile here, I was so nervous I wasn’t even going to finish. The only other person in my class that day was Heather Bowman. She lapped me but I just kept going. When I finally turned the corner at Sprague/Sherman I was surprised to see Sav and Bowman jumping up and down to cheer me on. To this day, I have still finished every timed mile dead last, but I have never finished without a cheering squad at the finish line.   

How has the rest of your life been influenced/impacted by Farmgirlfit?

My confidence is at an all time high and my anxiety is at an all-time low.

When you're not pumping iron at FGF, what does the rest of your life look like?

I love spending time with my boyfriend (Chad) and my pets (Jack and Callie). We like to go up to the mountain to ski and snowboard as often as we can in the winter and jump on our bikes, golf, or hang out at Manito park in the summer. I also love to travel, and I am slowly checking places off my long list of dream destinations. 23 states and 13 countries so far! This pic is Japan 🇯🇵

As a kid I dreamt I would grow up to be:

An astronaut. I settled for engineering because a lot of astronauts start their careers as engineers. But I still have hope that one day my week at space camp will pay off.

My hero is:

Amelia Earhart. As a woman who works in a male dominated aerospace engineering field, I am inspired by the women who were brave enough to pave the way for future generations. I also wish I had a fraction of her adventurous spirit.

My happy place is:

Home in Hawaii. Specifically, on the beach outside of my grandparents’ home in Waimanalo.

Guilty pleasure:

Ice cream! I have a weakness for the Trader Joe’s coffee ice cream.

My healthy indulgence is:

Hummus! Recently I have been obsessed with it and have been making it at least twice a month.

Team I’m always rooting for:  


You might not know this about me:

I love to dance hula and I have been dancing since I was in middle school. I am a pretty shy person, but I feel like I take on an entirely new persona when I perform. I also love to make (and occasionally sell) pottery. You can follow my progress at @thepotterynerd on Instagram.

Words that inspire me?

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” – Jodi Picoult, Small Great Things

Any advice for new members or your fellow farmgirls?

Start with small, achievable goals and build up to bigger goals. Celebrate every accomplishment. You are capable of more than you think you are.

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