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Urban Apothecaries Seminar "Supplements Simplified" March 21st

Posted: March 10, 2015
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Joel from Urban Apothecaries is coming to Farmgirlfit to talk about what this unique store is bringing to Spokane. Joel is particularly interested in educationing the fitness community on high quality supplements that are specific to each individuals needs. The store is set up to offer a personal experience and interaction with the UA employees to not only offer great products, but to educate the surrounding area on how to choose the right  supplements with no added "extras".


We did a little Q&A with Joel to give you a better sense of what Urban Apothecaries is all about. We hope you will join us in the conversation, snacks, and samples on Saturday, March 21st at 12:00 PM at Farmgirlfit Spokane.

What is your background and how did you come to work with UA?

I have a BA in Education Kinesiology and Physical Education.

I created UA because I was tired of hearing people talk about how much they were spending on supplements and it wasn't working for them. I have grown up having a personal trainer as a mom and have been in the fitness industry ever since. Having the passion to help people find and understand good nutrition and smart supplements has been a huge part of my life.

What is Urban Apothecaries and where did it originate? 

When I first purchased the store it was called Sound Body Supplements and Sports Nutrition. My goal when I purchased it was to be able to turn it into a organic holistic store that would provide high quality organic products for people who wanted an alternative to medicine. The name came from a friend of mine with his idea of creating a place that anyone can come and enjoy good conversation and eduction on sustainable supplements.

Who are the owners and where are you located?

My wife Hanna & I are owners. The store is located on the north side:

1902 W Francis Ave STE 125   Spokane Wa 99205

What's the motto or mantra of UA and what do you hope to bring to Spokane? How are you different from other supplement suppliers?

We like to say we are a place where “Supplements are Simplified”

We consider our location a place where people can ask any question about health or ailments. We spend on average of 35-40 minutes per customer to really get agrasp on what the person needs. Then we offer a solution to their issue or health goals.

What makes us different from the others is that you won't get confused when you walk into the store. We hand pick each product to best fit what our high standards in the store. Not only do we have supplements but we are also into overall comfort and health. We carry DoTerra oils, orthaheals, and Rainbow flip flops!

What are some of the best selling products?

Natural Vitality Magnesium, Rule 1 Protein, DoTerra Oils, New Chapter

What are a few items in your store that you think would be most relevant to the members of Farmgirlfit (think:  fitness/performance/recovery/sleep) 

Natural Vitality Magnesium, New Chapter Fish Oils, Millinum sports product, Rule 1 Protein

Will you have samples of these on the day of the seminar?

Yes! We will have samples as well as giving everyone a free gift bag and $15 gift card! 

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