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FGF Featured in the Spokesman-Review

Posted: September 6, 2018
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Farmgirlfit featured in the Spokesman-Review for the unique environment and community we've created that makes strength-training accessible and achievable for ALL women: think leveled workouts, complimentary childcare, and an atmosphere that is supportive, uplifiting, and fun!

Strength training is good for all of us: male, female, or other. We are seeing more and more research that proves so, and a trend-shift in the fitness industry towards workouts that incorporate more of it. However, still lagging behind are opportunities that make it accessible [much less appealing] to women. That's the void we set out to fill 7 years ago when founding Farmgirlfit. Farmgirlfit is designed by women, for women.

We understand that strength-training is new or unfamiliar to many women and have created an environment where it's comfortable and even encouraged to try new things -- start with the basics, we call them foundational movements, then build on. Do your best, learn as you go, and strive for constant improvement. Plus, every workout is pre-written with 4 levels, and every class is led by one of our friendly and knowledgeable coaches who can further adjust and provide alternatives to meet your needs!

Whether you are 16 or 69, you belong here! If your goal is to PR your next race, have a healthy pregnancy, keep up with the kiddos on your next family adventure, or to lower your blood pressure, we can help! We want all women to know that you are stronger and more capable than you know, and we can show you how!

Check out the full Spokesman-Review article HERE


All photos by Libby Kamrowski.

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