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What to Expect in April

Posted: March 22, 2020
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One week into #covidquarantine, and we are more grateful than ever for this Farmgirlfit community; so appreciative of the understanding and support as we all navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times. A few things we have become certain of:

  1. We have the VERY BEST members and coaches!
  2. We miss you all in real life like CRAZY!
  3. Thank goodness for technology and the ways we can stay virtually connected.
  4. We cannot wait for this to be OVER, but are also practicing patience, and finding a renewed confidence in humanity as we bond together to each do our part for the greater good!

Now for the nitty-gritty details. Please read to the end; there’s a lot here. Based on the information currently available we are making plans to remain closed beyond March 31st. Please know that we will reopen as soon as it is reasonably safe for us to do so, even if in a limited capacity at first, which is what we expect. We are hopeful, and at this time it seems likely, to reopen in a limited capacity mid-April, and then hopefully back to full capacity in May. Of course, only time will tell, but for now that is how we are planning.

For this next week:

We will continue with the same program/plan that we did last week:

  • Daily FGF@Home Workouts:
    • Text version posted on Instagram and Facebook the evening before.
    • Video explanation of the workout and demonstration of the movements (on both IG and FB) at 9am morning of.
    • Live workout at 9:15am on Instagram.
    • MON, TUE, THUR, FRI = higher intensity, cross-training workouts
    • WEDNESDAY = a mobility flow.
  • Outdoor Meet-Ups: Wednesday at Noon.
For April:

We will be applying a blanket 30% discount to all paying members. This 30% is on the April 1st billing for all monthly paying members, and is on top of any membership discount you already receive. The 30% was determined with the understanding that we cannot be open the entire month, but hopefully for at least half, and while we are committed to providing even more access to online workouts for the duration of the closure, we recognize the value is not the same as our regular in-person classes that you know and love. We will be moving these online workouts away from social media to a different platform exclusively for paying members (more details below). With this information, for April:

  1. If you would like to maintain your membership with the 30% discount, DO NOTHING.
  2. If you need to hold or cancel, we completely understand and will look forward to your return when all of this is over. We have worked with our billing company to extend the deadline. Please email your location by end of day this Wednesday, March 25th.
  3. If you have already requested a hold or cancel, that request will be honored. Nothing further needed.
  4. If you are able to maintain your full membership (without the 30% discount), we would be incredibly grateful, as it will help us keep our Coaches whole to the very best of our ability.
April Online Workouts:

All of the details for accessing these workouts will be released later this week once we have our list of paying members. For now, we will share that we will continue the same schedule of workouts that we have been doing:

  • Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri = higher intensity cross-training workouts
  • Wed = mobility flow or yoga + outdoor meet-ups

All members will receive an emailed PDF of all the workouts for the coming week. We will do Live Workout Classes at 9am and Noon every day. On Wednesdays, just the 9am will be a Live Virtual Class and Noon will continue as the Outdoor Meet-Ups. Plus, every workout (including Wednesdays) will be recorded and only paying members will have access to this archive of workouts. We will open up a “virtual drop-in” rate of $10 per class for the live workout classes for those who are not monthly members. “Drop-Ins” will not have access to the workout archive.

Again, all of the details for accessing these Live Virtual Classes as well as the Workout Archive will be released later this week.


We have negotiated with a local retailer of exercise equipment here in Spokane: Better Body Fitness, located at 165 S Pine St (just off the corner of 2nd and Division) and down the road from Farmgirlfit. They are offering a 15% discount for all Farmgirlfit members. A great place to pick up a kettlebell, pair of dumbbells, medball, or even a weighted plate. Their hours are somewhat limited right now, so please call first: 509-994-0943 or 509-252-9986.

Next Update:

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support. For those who maintain a paying membership, all of your details for accessing the Live Classes and Archived Workouts will come later this week. We will send another global update again when the situation changes, and certainly no later than Sunday April 12th.

Stay Healthy Friends,

The Farmgirlfit Team

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