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Spokane Reopen Feb 1

Posted: January 25, 2021
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We are SOOO EXCITED to get some life back under the purple beams!!
But of course, lots of details to have in order to do it safely, efficiently, and for the long haul! Please read to the end:

First Up = Equipment Return

We have scheduled 2 time windows for the weekend before reopening:
  • Saturday, Jan. 30th 10a-2p
  • Sunday, Jan. 31st 11a-1p
Please wear a mask and enter through the main front door. You are welcome to hang out for a bit and visit – we’ll be soooo pumped to see you; may even have some bevvies or snackies on hand!

If you’re NOT able to return your equipment during one of these timeframes, please email ASAP to coordinate a time between now and Friday the 29th. We must have all equipment returned by Sunday the 31st.

What to Expect When We Reopen

  1. 45-Minute Classes: To allow more classes during “peak” times, while avoiding overlap between classes, and accommodating additional cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  2. Be on Time: We will start promptly and use the FULL 45-minutes. On time = at least 5 (but not more than 10) minutes before class start. If you show up after class start, we can’t guarantee you’ll be let in.
  3. Enter through SIDE DOOR: The door on the patio next to the garage door will now be the main entrance. The front door will be an EXIT ONLY until further notice.
  4. Temperature Check and COVID-19 Screening: Mandatory upon arrival. If you register a temperature of 100.4 (or higher), or fail to pass the screening questions, you will NOT be allowed to enter. See the Screening Questions HERE.
  5. Mask Required: Full-time, even while working out. Yes, really. But before that’s an immediate “Nope!” for you, please read more details below.
  6. Class Size = Max of 12: This allows over 300sqft per person, so we can easily maintain 6-ft distancing at all times. We will NOT have taped out boxes on the floor. Instead, our coaches will setup the space each day to best accommodate the specific workout and will direct you on flow.
    • Advance Sign-Up: Continue to use MINDBODY to reserve your spot. *Be aware of In-Person vs Virtual classes*
    • Bookings Open: 1 week in advance, except when we enter a new month. Your January membership allows you to book for February 1st. Beyond, you will have to wait until your February billing processes on the 1st.
    • Waitlist: 2 spots for each class. If you are bumped from the Waitlist into class, you will receive a text or email notification (depending on your settings).
    • Cancel a Reservation: Cancel up to 8 hours prior with no penalty. Within 8 hours, the visit will still be deducted. If you no-show, without cancelling, you will also be charged a $15 fee. Thank you for being respectful of your fellow Farmgirls and their time.
  7. Wash Hands or Sanitize: As soon as you enter, and after working out before you leave.
  8. Cubby Use Welcome: As much as possible, please come dressed and ready to go, with minimal “stuff.” Whatever you do bring should be placed in a cubby, and then please disinfect when you leave (sanitizing supplies provided). *Changing area available if necessary, but please avoid if possible.*
  9. Individual Sanitizing Supplies: As before, these will be provided for you to disinfect any equipment you use, as well as the sanitizer bottle itself before you leave.
  10. Coach / Staff Safety: Pre-shift temperature check and the same COVID-19 screening are mandatory for our team. They will also wear masks full-time.
Book Here
OPEN GYM: Arrive anytime between 5:30p and 6:15p. Total class size will still be limited to 12, but this allows some flexibility for arrival time. A Coach will be on-site to guide you in The Grind, or you are welcome to do your own workout. Attendance counts as a class like any other.

Membership Options

Remain the same as this Summer/Fall:
  1. UNLIMITED $159/month: Grants unlimited access to both in-gym and live-stream virtual classes.
  2. 2X/WEEK $99/month: Grants access to 9 classes (in-gym or live-stream) each month.
  3. VIRTUAL ADD-ON $30/month: Add this on to an in-gym membership to get unlimited access to live-stream classes, as well as the recorded classes + weekly PDFs.
  4. FGF@HOME $60/month: If you’re not ready to come back in-gym, but want to keep sweating with us from home. Grants unlimited access to live-stream classes + recorded classes + weekly PDFs.
If you would like to make a change to your membership, please email us by Sunday evening 1/24 to guarantee the change is made before your next billing on February 1st.
Email Us

Live-Stream Schedule

We will continue with Live-Stream classes, but on a reduced schedule once we reopen for in-person. Starting February 1st, this will be the schedule. Continue to book on MINDBODY (button above or via the app) to receive the Zoom link.


We know wearing a mask while working out is far from an ideal experience, but it is included in the current state guidance. More importantly, in collaborating with local medical professionals to develop our reopening plan, it’s the precaution most highly recommended for preventing the spread. Even with temperature checks and distancing, because individuals can be positive but asymptomatic, we see it as necessary. It won’t be forever, but for now, to open safely, that means wearing a mask

We’ve been testing it out, and we’ll be honest, it’s tough! BUT, so are all of you! And we’ve learned a few things to help manage:
  1. Type of Mask: The disposable ones are best! They definitely get sweaty so plan to trash it after class, but are by far the most breathable and comfortable.
  2. Breathing: Remember those oxygen deprivation masks that were all the rage a couple years ago as a training tool? Ya no, we didn’t go there either, but nothing like wearing a mask to make you focus on proper breathing: in through the nose, out through the nose (as much as possible). Full inhalations filling the lungs and diaphragm, not just the chest. And slow exhalations. 
  3. Pacing: Your workout will be different with a mask on, but it was going to be different after 2.5 months (or more?) out of the gym anyway. Take the opportunity to focus NOT on what was or could have been, but instead to appreciate and be fully present in what IS. In being back together lifting heavy things, doing hard work, and celebrating each other for those accomplishments! We’re still gonna push you, we want you to push you too, but perhaps more mindfully. At least initially, maybe your upper limit is more like a 70-80% rather than the full 100%.
  4. Be Safe: We understand you might need to pull your mask down occasionally for a few seconds to recover your breath, please DO THAT, just be aware of your proximity to other members, and/or head outside.
  5. Outside: We can’t have an entire class out on the patio, but whenever you head out for a run, or are outside for any reason, please, take it off. Then put it back on before you come in.

If You Get COVID-19...

Or come in close contact with someone who does, and have attended an in-person class, PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can take necessary measures to help prevent further spread. We will maintain your privacy and only share relevant information on a need-to-know basis. Of course, we’ll gladly work with you on membership options during any quarantine period.

Looking Forward

We see these protocols as the most limited/restricted in order to operate, and we recognize they are more stringent than other businesses that have been allowed to operate throughout. We’re ok with that, erring on the side of caution, but we are also committed to operating. We provide an essential service for our community, and we can provide it safely. Regardless of what happens at the state level, we do not plan on moving backwards from here. We will be closely monitoring case counts, hospitalizations, and ICU capacity in Spokane County, as well as the effectiveness of these protocols within our space. As long as the County metrics continue to improve, we plan to bump classes up to our 25% capacity of 15 persons starting March 1st.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and for your commitment to uphold these health and safety protocols to help ensure their effectiveness! Thank you for helping us stay #hereforgood!! #strongertogether #bettertogether

Just in case you need more hype to get back in-gym, watch this one more time! Sound [ON] 
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