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Pennies for Pull-Ups 2019

Posted: September 28, 2019
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Pennies for Pull-Ups is our annual anniversary fundraiser and member-challenge. 2019 marks 5 years for our Cd’A location and 8 years overall! Each year has taken a slightly different twist, and this year is no different, BUT the goal remains the same: for YOU to improve on pull-ups, while raising money for a great cause! Read on for the fun new additions we’ve made this year!


The challenge and fundraising effort runs the entire month of October! You are welcome to jump in anytime (details below for exactly what that participation looks like); take a break if you need, and by November 1st, we’ll call it and begin counting coin!


Step 1: You Do Pull-Ups.

As in past years, the challenge is to complete the number of pull-ups corresponding to the date, for the entire month of October:

  • 1st = Do 1 Pull-Up
  • 2nd = Do 2 Pull-Ups
  • 3rd = Do 3 Pull-Ups … until 
  • 31st = Do 31 Pull-Ups!

By the end of the month, that amounts to 496 cumulative pull-ups! Aaaaand, if you've gone that far, you might as well do 4 more to round it up to 500, right?!? 🤷‍♀️😉 Of course, we'd love to have everyone complete the full challenge, but it is NOT an all or nothing kind of thing...every pull-up counts, so start when you can, do what you can, and be PROUD of that, knowing that literally, every penny helps!

Any version of a pull-up or ring row counts, and the goal is to keep challenging yourself, so try to stick with the same option all month long!

Step 2: Track Said Pull-Ups.

Use a calendar page in the binder at the gym to track your pull-ups. All pull-ups must be completed at Farmgirlfit and marked in the binder -- this is how we'll tally for the final donation amount!

  • You can MAKE-UP pull-ups from days missed, AND *NEW for 2019* you can also WORK AHEAD, so if you feel you’ll be more successful doing 10-15 pull-ups per day throughout the month, DO IT!
  • Pull-ups in the Grinds count, as long as you track them in the binder.
  • Even if not attending class, you can come do pull-ups during the warm-up/cooldown time.
  • See below for a special challenge and opportunity EVERY SATURDAY!
Step 3: Farmgirlfit Donates.

For every pull-up marked in the binder, Farmgirlfit will donate a penny per to our chosen charity(s). Last year we had our highest level of participation, at 280 members AND the MOST number of pull-ups completed at 87,692 pull-ups. And most importantly, we raised a total of $10,260.68 that we divided between our two charities last year, Active4Youth and the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County:

Step 4: Optional: Get More Sponsors.

We encourage you to reach out to family and friends to also sponsor your efforts, either for a flat dollar amount, or a per pull-up contribution. The more sponsors you have, the more money we raise for our deserving charity. PLUS, we have a little extra incentive for you … in the way of ✨PRIZE✨ opportunities for every sponsor you get on board! More deets on that later in the month!

*NEW FOR 2019*

As in all things, we strive to be better year-to-year, so we’ve made some adjustments and additions this year:

  1. WORK AHEAD: As mentioned above, you CAN work ahead on your pull-ups, but only up to the 500 total for the month.
  2. SATURDAY COMMUNITY CLASSES: Both classes every Saturday at both locations are a donation-based community class for the entire month of October! That’s right, invite all your friends, guys or gals, to come sweat with you Saturdays at FGF. These classes are free for you and free for them! We just ask that each attendee make a donation (any amount) to this year’s charity. BRING CASH to the class, OR deets below on how to DONATE ONLINE!
  3. SATURDAY MAX PULL-UP CHALLENGE: Also, every class, every Saturday, we encourage all attendees (members or non) to give their best effort at MAX PULL-UPS IN A ROW and we, Farmgirlfit, will donate 1 penny per each one of these pull-ups to the charity as well. Let's see how you progress throughout the month - can you get better week-to-week? For members, these pull-ups can also count towards your total pull-ups for the month, which means FGF is donating on them TWICE!


Besides YOU with your new pull-up strength?!? Each year we partner with a different charity, & this year, for the first time, we’ve chosen a national organization because of how deeply the cause (Breast Cancer Awareness) resonates with our community. That’s right, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. 💗 The specific charity is the Keep A Breast Foundation.

We’ve joined their Fit4Prevention campaign. Fitness and exercise is obviously something we are very much about, but did you know that 30 MINUTES OF EXERCISE 3-4 DAYS A WEEK LOWERS RISK OF BREAST CANCER BY 30-50%. We didn’t either, but we are here for it! That’s why we’re hosting a donation-based class open to the community EVERY SATURDAY at BOTH LOCATIONS all month long, as well as contributing all of the proceeds from our Pennies for Pull-Ups challenge. 

You can DONATE ONLINE {click the link} or by texting FIT879 to 71777.



We would LOVE to have Every. Single. One. of YOU, our members participate by completing your version of a pull-up, by gathering sponsors, by bringing friends and family to the community classes and by sponsoring your fellow Farmgirls. Let's make this our BEST YEAR YET!

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