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Pelvic Floor Rehab: What, Why, & How!

Posted: March 2, 2015
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Box Jump. Leak. Front Squat. Leak. Sneeze. Leak. Double under. Leak. Cough. Leak.

Do these sequence of events sound familiar to you? Are you tired of always leaking during your Farmgirlfit workouts? FGF Member and Physcial Therapist Kieran McClenahan would LOVE to address some of the concerns you have related to this unsightly issue that affects many of us! Kieran specializes in pelvic floor (yes, that area “down there”) rehabilitation and would like to spread the good word that there is help.

There are many reasons why you leak during activities such as jumping, coughing, and sneezing. Some of these may include complications during pregnancy or delivery, weak muscles, muscle imblances, previous/chronic low back pain, and more. Kieran wants you to know that you don't have to succumb to "living with" this occurance and it's not just a normal part of your workout.

Kieran will be giving a short informational talk on WHAT the pelvic floor is, WHY it’s important to your health and your workouts, and HOW you can help decrease those annoying leaks! Please join us for an interactive, educational talk about that area “down there” to learn more about how you can help decrease urinary leaks, improve your trunk strength, and stop dreading those days that you notice jumping in the Farmgirlfit daily Grind. 

This event begins at 9:30 AM. Depending on time, there will be some Double Under work to follow. Grind scheduled for 11:00 AM that day as well! 

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