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FGF May Marathon

Posted: May 1, 2018
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Today kicks off our #FGFMayMarathon! The goal is to complete ONE ☝️ cumulative marathon during the month of May. That’s 26.2 miles, and there are 31 days, soooo 🎶A mile a day gets you a marathon in May🎶 … and you can even take some days off!

For those of you inclined to run, you can certainly do more, EACH cumulative marathon = 1 entry into a drawing for prizes at the end of the month. BUT the goal is not to go pound the pavement for endless miles, and yourself into injury! Instead, to add some dedicated running, to focus on what we learned at the Run Clinics, and build up as you go! And you know how we do: ✨PRIZES✨ are pretty legit, and there are likely to be a couple mid-month too! Here are your details:

Step 1: Go for a run.

This can include running in your daily Grind, or any additional running you choose at or away from the gym. If you’re signed up for a race, fun run or walk, definitely count that distance!

  • Define “run” 😏: ANY pace counts, as long as it’s an intentional decision to get out there and do it. So yes, that includes going for a walk or hike, but not just the # of steps you accumulate walking around your house during the day. We would prefer the walk/jog/run to be completed outside, but we’ll count treadmill distances too in a pinch.
  • What about rowing: For those of you who absolutely are not able to run, you can count both walking and rowing distances. Otherwise, rowing does NOT count. All other “rules” apply.
  • And what about ____: The answer is NO! No biking, no skiing, no skateboarding, no rollerblading, no anything else you’re trying to think of!
Step 2: Track your distance.

If it’s during The Grind, we’ll tell you the distance. If it’s other, you will need to map your distance in advance, using a site like, or with a tracking app on your phone, or with one of those fancy watches: Garmin, FitBit, Apple, etc. YOU decide the best mechanism for keeping track of your cumulative mileage: Maybe a note in your phone, maybe a printed calendar sheet on your fridge, whatever will work for you! Keep in mind:

1 Marathon = 26.2 Miles = 42km = 42,000 meters
Step 3: Post a Pic = Prize Entry.

Once you have completed a cumulative marathon, post a picture on Instagram and/or Facebook. Tag @Farmgirlfit (on the pic, or in the caption), AND use hashtag #FGFMayMarathon as well as hashtag #marathonX, where X =  the number of marathon it is for you this May. When you do your first one, it will be #marathon1, after your second = #marathon2, and so on. Please also post pics with the #FGFMayMarathon hashtag throughout the month, but only the one with the #marathonX will count for prize entry!

Happy running! Can't wait to see all your sweaty smiling faces!

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