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FGF Cd'A Run Club

Posted: February 26, 2021
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Welcome to our newly formed group of runners (and walk/joggers) of all experience levels and abilities, to provide some motivation, accountability and FUN to get back into running season! Open to both Farmgirlfit members and non-members!

Run Club Details

  1. Goal: Train for the Cd’A Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k on May 30th with a structured plan and the accountability and motivation of the group…but otherwise to not take ourselves too seriously, and to have some FUN darnit! *Registration for the race is NOT required to join the Club – just how our training will be directed.
  2. Training Plans: We will provide structured 12-week training plans for all 3 distances: Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k – you choose the one you want! They will be emailed and/or posted to the Facebook Group later next week. Training starts Monday, March 8.
  3. Weekly Meet-Ups: One scheduled group run per week (will alternate between Saturdays and Sundays). We will all start together, then you will go the distance (run/jog/walk) applicable for your plan. You are NOT required to attend, but we’d love to see as many as possible. Day/Time will be posted in the Facebook Group.
  4. Other Runs: All other runs (2-3 more per week) will be your responsibility to complete either on your own or coordinated with other members of the group.
  5. Other Group Events: Look forward to more! Some focused on training/recovery, and others just for fun and socializing. If you have ideas/suggestions, let’s hear them!

Facebook Group

This private group will be our primary method of communication. Where we post deets for the weekly group runs. Also where you can coordinate meet-ups for your other runs, ask any questions related to training—shoe recommendations, sports bras, nutrition, etc—and generally keep in touch. If you’re committing to the Club, request to join FGF CdA Run Club. It's a private group, so your access will be approved shortly after requesting.

Club Cost

For Farmgirlfit members, participation in the club is FREE 🆓. For non-members, we’re asking $20 which gets you: Training Plan, Discount on Race Registration, and access to the Facebook group and all Club events. If cost is an issue, please let us know. We want as many participants as possible! 

Race Registration

The discount on race registration is valid for any distance of the CDA, as well as any distance of the Windermere (Spokane) on 5/16 and any distance of The Split (Spokane) on 4/18. All have Live and Virtual options, and even a Kids’ Challenge (which the discount is applicable for). We will send out the discount code along with the Training Plans next week. You can read more about each race here:

First Group Meet-Up = Sample FGF Workout

Rather than a straight run for our first group meet-up, we thought it’d be fun to incorporate a little strength-training too, and for those of you who are not already FGF members, give you a sample of what you can expect in one of our regular The Grind classes.

  • When: Sunday March 14th at 9:30am
  • Where: Farmgirlfit Cd’A, 2930 N. Government Way
  • Who: Members of the Run Club + any interested friends. Limited to 30 attendees, please register in advance. FREE Class.
  • Registration: Opens Sunday March 7th. Use the MINDBODY app (Search ‘Farmgirlfit’ and be sure to choose the Cd’A location), or this link.
  • What to Expect: A sampling of what you’d experience during a regular The Grind class, PLUS some running…obviously! Combining strength-training and conditioning into a sweaty fun 1-hour class (including Warm-Up and Cool Down)! Wear whatever clothes and shoes you're comfortable sweating in (layers as running will be outside). All equipment will be provided – we’ll skip the barbells for this session. Just bring a water bottle and a positive, hard-working, fun-loving attitude!

About that Vibrating Roller…

We’ll raffle it off at our first group meet-up on Sunday March 14th (need not be present to win). Reminder of how to enter:

🎟️ If you attended the Info/Wine Night = 1 Entry
🎟️ Commit to joining the Run Club = 1 Entry
🎟️ Sign-up for the CDA Race (any distance) = 1 Entry

Not sure what we’re talking about, check out this link: Hyperice Vyper ($199 Value)

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