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Strong Mind, Strong Body

Posted: April 27, 2012
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There’s a reason for the 10-minute warm-up before the Grind at Farmgirlfit: to stretch, to get in the zone, and to mentally prepare for whatever lies ahead. It’s a time to shift away from the workday, family life, and outside stress, and be present and in the moment.

That idea — of being present — is something that Farmgirlfit wants members to further practice, with the help of a new partnership with Spokane Yoga Shala, a local yoga studio. Yoga, according to Yoga Shala owner Katie Gehn, is a natural complement to your normal workout routine at Farmgirlfit — a practice that comes with a host of mental and physical benefits.

“Yoga complements any other activity by teaching a person how to interact with the present moment,” she says, noting that yoga teaches a person to move consciously and with careful thought.

Gehn founded Yoga Shala in 2003 in order to give people a place to “practice Ashtanga yoga as a discipline in and of itself, or as a supplement to life's other passions.” The yoga studio is an environment that is both welcoming and challenging to yoga students new and old. Gehn says that being focused and willing to learn is key to reaping the benefits of yoga.

Focus — that word is a key to yoga.

“We all struggle with thoughts and projections distracting us from any task at hand, yoga just ups the ante on noticing that — again because of learning to have glimpses of that present moment … one develops awareness of the cycles of the mind and how they affect us.”

In fact, Gehn says yoga can help reprogram the brain in ways that are beneficial to the whole body.

“[Yoga] uses a different part of the brain, which makes the potential for re-mapping patterns a possibility. We all have stress patterns that we carry around with us on a cellular level, and we bring into any and all other things we do, including any type of workout.”

Those stress patterns, which impinge movement, can create imbalance — which can eventually lead to pain and injury.

“Yoga is a really great way to become aware of these patterns and ‘re-set’ them,” Gehn says. “Yoga poses are just big extrapolations of the basic movement patterns of standing and walking.”

The physical and mental benefits of yoga — for the most toned athletes to the newest gym-goer — are wide and varied. But even the heart of Yoga Shala, a quiet, peaceful environment, Gehn says is what so many yoga devotees love.

“Most welcome the quiet, love the focus on breathing, the time to reflect while still challenging themselves physically.

Farmgirlfit’s head trainer, Jenni Niemann, adds “we understand that yoga can improve your mobility, posture, form, balance, and increase flexibility in muscles and joints; all things that directly complement our training at Farmgirlfit.”

The trainers at Farmgirlfit drill the importance of full range of motion and proper technique. Focusing on these aspects and complying with the standards for the various exercises will improve performance at Farmgirlfit says Niemann.

“The majority of our workouts focus on increasing metabolism, bone density, endurance, and, of course, building fat burning muscles. Incorporating yoga the day after a hard Grind is one of the best ways to recover from the workout because yoga stretches and elongates the muscles that were worked so hard the day before.”

With yoga, like at Farmgirlfit, you can start from the beginning and work to more complex positions and a more challenging practice. With regards to beginning yoga, Niemann notes that “you can start your practice at a level you feel most comfortable and work your way into it as you continue to increase your core strength and flexibility.”

We hope that our members come join the trainers of Farmgirlfit to take advantage of this exciting new partnership with Yoga Shala. To learn more about Spokane Yoga Shala, go to their website at or like them on Facebook at

Current members at Farmgirlfit now receive the following discounts at Yoga Shala:

1. 50% Discount on the Yoga 101 Intro Course: This course is a good introduction for those new to yoga or to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The rate for Farmgirlfit members is $70 (regularly $140). Note that pre-registration is required.

  • Where: South Hill Shala, 505 E. 24th Ave.
  • When: Monday & Wednesday (starts September 17th) at 7:15 PM

2. 20% Discount on Yoga Shala Classes and Merchandise:.

  • 10 Class Card  - $92 with FGF Discount (regularly $115)
  • 30 Day Unlimited Yoga - $92 with FGF Discount (regularly $115)
  • Drop In - $12 with FGF Discount (regularly $15)
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