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Farmgirl Strong

Posted: February 8, 2012
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You hear it everywhere now, “strong is the new skinny”.  We say, it’s about time.  Being leaner and stronger, while maintaining your feminine physique, is the Farmgirlfit way.  We call it Farmgirl Strong.  Farmgirl Strong means striving to be strong and lean so that you feel more confident in your favorite clothes, but also so that you age gracefully and maintain a better standard of living. After all, we all want to look good, feel capable, and live our lives to the fullest.

You WANT to be Farmgirl Strong. But where do you start?

In today’s internet-fueled cafeteria era of fitness, this is a difficult question.  Maybe you have a gym membership now that offers spinning classes, cardio, kickboxing, or zumba; or maybe you’ve tried a variety of different at home workouts like P-90X.  All of these programs have their benefits, but none of them are specifically designed for YOU, which makes it tough to stick with a program.  Too many choices also tends to leave us paralyzed and unsure whether what we are doing really works.  And so we ping-pong from one workout program to the next trying to find that one thing that will finally work.  We go from one diet to the next too.  South Beach diet, to Atkins, to Paleo, to not eating because we feel guilty about eating that pint of ice cream or drinking that bottle of wine.  All in the name of following a diet that doesn’t always seem to make sense.

At Farmgirlfit we are committed to giving you the tools, the training, and the environment you need to FINALLY reach your goals of being stronger and making healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable.  We know that the best way to get that body you’ve always wanted, and to become the stronger, better version of yourself is to keep it simple, and get it DONE.

Our trainers will teach you how to do the movements that WORK.  And once you learn these movements, you will never go back to working out any other way.  At Farmgirlfit, you will learn big movements that burn fat and build lean muscle, like squats, deadlifts, and lunges.  You will work on increasing your flexibility through our uniquely designed Yoga class, Stretch & Sweat.  Kettlebell workouts, rowing, and a variety of bodyweight movements will increase your 5k time without running every day.  You will learn to challenge yourself in an environment filled with like-minded women who are also looking to get leaner and stronger and are not afraid to work and sweat to be fit.  The sense of community with other women will both push you to work harder, and provide the support YOU NEED to NOT GIVE UP, to keep you going towards your goal.

Strong is NOT the new skinny.  Strong is the way it should be.  Farmgirl Strong is HERE to stay.

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