So you’re wondering how to start a career with Farmgirlfit.

You may want to know what it means to coach for Farmgirlfit? Or why our members, when asked what their favorite thing(s) are about Farmgirlfit, consistently mention the coaches. 

Coaching for Farmgirlfit, goes beyond having qualifications and knowledge, and beyond just wanting to be a coach.  It is about more than just being a personal trainer. In many ways, coaching for Farmgirlfit is about being part of its community.


Farmgirlfit coaches must have passion, drive, knowledge, and energy to inspire members through both words and actions, both within the gym and outside of it. They get to know the members as people, exactly how to motivate each of them, and put members' safety, goals, and needs first.


As part of the Farmgirlfit community, coaches oftentimes, when not coaching, participate in the Grind alongside members, attend or put on out-of-the-gym social events, or, simply, are just friends with members. Said simply, coaches keep in touch with the pulse of the Farmgirlfit community by being involved in a variety of ways.


Even though being part of the community is an important aspect at Farmgirlft, coaches are also expected to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to modify workouts or movements for a variety of reasons, including injury, experience, fitness level, range of motion issues, pregnancy, and class size. Coaches should be able to guide and support newcomers while challenging even the most experienced athletes. Not only do coaches know the individuals in a class, but they can also get a sense for the personality of each and every class to bring out the best in everybody!

Farmgirlfit location manager and coach Jeni Davaz had this to say when asked how she felt about leaving her long-time job as an elementary school teacher for Farmgirlfit:

I knew that taking this job was so right when another teacher approached me at my kid's soccer game and said that leaving teaching to coach for Farmgirlfit was so brave. At that moment, I realized none of my teacher friends had said I made the wrong decision by leaving to pursue this opportunity.


Even though we're not always hiring, we hope to be a growing leader in women's fitness across the nation. Along with growing, we also hope to increase the number of opportunities we have to employ qualified individuals. If you think Farmgirlfit is right for you, please get in touch with us by filling out the form below. 

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