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Kris Dinnison - Update

Posted: August 7, 2015
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We first introduced you to Kris last April (read all about her HERE). One of the regular and consistent 5:30am gals at the Spokane location, she is also a very talented author. Her first novel, “You and Me and Him” was published just last month and is already getting rave reviews!

Maggie and Nash are outsiders: She’s overweight. He’s out of the closet. They’re best friends, and they’ve helped each other survive their small-minded small town. But when Tom moves to Cedar Ridge at the start of the school year they have something unexpected in common—feelings for the same guy. As emotions take hold, Maggie and Nash’s friendship is put to the ultimate test . . . Up until now they have always chosen each other, but what if winning someone’s heart means losing your soul mate?

We’re so excited for Kris’ success, we asked her for an update and this is what she had to say:

My book came out July 7th, and I got a new puppy the same week, so my FGF time has been pretty slim the last few weeks. I've always been a morning workout person, but the puppy gets up at 5:00 every morning, so I haven't been able to make it to the Grind. It's taken me awhile to realize that I CAN actually work out at other times of the day if my schedule isn't allowing morning workouts right now. I miss the 5:30 AM women, but it'll be fun to try out a different time.

Other things that have changed: Leah and Sheri and I don't get to work out together as much since Leah moved to Portland (she's doing the Grind on her own!!!) and Sheri also got a puppy that gets her up early, but we still support each other. I still cringe when burpees are on the board, but plate pushes also make me grinchy now. I still love those medicine balls and battle ropes, and I also love to row. Mostly I just feel so lucky to be a part of the community FGF has built.

“You and Me and Him” can be found locally at Atticus Coffee, Boo Radley’s, Auntie’s and Barnes & Noble. If you're searching online, it's also available on Amazon, iTunes, GoodReads, and just about anywhere else books are sold. Congratulations Kris!

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