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Missy Gores, 41

Posted: October 16, 2015
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Tell us about your fitness journey. How did you come to Farmgirlfit?

I have always been active in softball but as I got older it wasn’t enough to keep me fit. I learned about Farmgirlfit through my very good friend and neighbor who now manages the Cd’A location, miss Jeni D. I initially joined in Spokane shortly after it opened, but have found the Cd’A location more convenient (showers!) with work, momhood, etc.

If you could tell your Farmgirlfit story in 100 words or fewer, how would it read?

The very first time I went with Jeni she told me, "She will be nice to you and won’t throw you to the wolves.” As soon as we started warming up, our coach Jenni literally said, “I am sorry but I am going to throw you to the wolves.” I was petrified. I had never done a workout like that or even thought I could. I had so much encouragement through that whole workout, I was actually able to finish. I was so proud of myself, I joined shortly after.

Do you have a funny Farmgirlfit story?  

I used to be on a jump rope team as a kid so I was pretty excited to see double unders in my very first workout. The double unders themselves went great, it was what was happening during them that made me laugh, and of course everyone around me. Needless to say, I wish I had a change of pants that day.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

I didn’t really have a goal when I started at FGF, but was very pleased at how I trimmed down, and got stronger.

What are your next health and fitness goals?

After hurting my back over a year ago falling down stairs, I am just so happy to be back at it, and want to focus on getting trim, firming up and especially core strength to help my back.

Who inspires you to be fit?

My girls inspire me every day and have taught me to inspire myself to be fit.

Favorite exercise at FGF is:

Bears, I can’t help it. I love them!

Least favorite exercise at FGF is:

Plate Pushes, so yesterday’s Grind…THE WORST!

Favorite workout song?

Anything from the hair bands of the 80s

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

The women!! It is the greatest group of women I have ever been around. It doesn’t matter your skill level, or background, or age, or anything else, we are all in it together and everyone is so encouraging!

How have you integrated the Farmgirlfit mission outside of the gym?

I try to focus on eating healthy and giving my body the right fuel before and after workouts.  Something I am really working on with my girls since they don’t always pack the best lunches or snacks for after school sports.

When you're not pumping iron at FGF, what does the rest of your life look like?

I am usually on a softball field for my girls or for me. It’s a family thing. We are on the run 5-6 days a week. I love to watch them play and I love to play. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends

I’m proud…

Most of all to be a mom and to be a Farmgirl. My girls really enjoy the stories of the workouts. My oldest has come to workout with me a few times and my twins did a project at school where they had to represent someone who they felt made a difference. They chose the co-owners of Farmgirlfit, Jenni and Jaunessa!!

When the Grind is kicking my butt, I’m thinking…

"I should not be thinking this but when I am done I can reward myself with a beer."

Words that inspire me?  

Do something good for yourself everyday.

You might not know this about me:  

I love to dance and sing but I am not very good.

My trademark dance move:

Umm, it’s like a slow spin and hip sway, and has been referred to as things I can’t say. :)

Any advice for new members or your fellow farmgirls?

If this girl can do it, anyone can. I am a girl who never believed she could run a mile or do a pull-up but I AM doing it!

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