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Jessica Jasso, 27

Posted: February 17, 2017
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It took Jessica a couple of months to actually walk through our doors, but once she did, she says, “I absolutely loved it!” “Not long into it, all my ‘couldn’t’ thoughts were burned and replaced with ‘I did it! I CAN!’ I feel so strong and powerful now and am always excited to see what new move I can master or challenge I can take on, and to crush my old personal records!”

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I am an educator and distributor of essential oils, and a respite care provider for the Air Force.

Tell us about your fitness journey. How did you come to Farmgirlfit? 

Last year I went to the Wellness Fair, and met a couple of the Farmgirlfit coaches and got a coupon for a free week. I kept telling myself I was going to go check it out, but just kept putting it off... well, finally in July (about 2 months later), I realized that my husband was going to be coming home from deployment in 2 months and I didn't have much time left to impress him! So I nervously stepped through the doors of Farmgirlfit and did my first Grind, I absolutely loved it! I now look forward to each morning going to work out with the most amazing ladies and best coaches I could ask for!

If you could tell your Farmgirlfit story in 100 words or fewer, how would it read?

Starting off I thought of myself as "the new girl." I couldn't lift heavy, I couldn't run far, I couldn't do even half of what everyone else did...but not long into it, all my "couldn't" thoughts were burned and replaced with "I did it! I CAN!" I feel so strong and powerful now and am always excited to see what new move I can master or challenge I can take on, and to crush my old personal records! I'm no longer "the new girl" I'm a FARM GIRL!

What has been your greatest fitness/performance accomplishment so far?

Getting double unders! I worked so hard to get a double, and the first time I finally did one, I literally jumped around high-fiving everyone!!! 

What are your next health and fitness goals?

Health goals would be planning my meals better and getting my nutrition on point. Fitness-wise, I have a list of things I want to accomplish. My top 3 are:

  1. Strict Pull-Ups,
  2. Rope Climb,
  3. 20 Double Unders in a row.

Who/what inspires you to be fit?

My husband inspires me the most, and has been the one to cheer me on and congratulate me with each victory. 

Favorite exercise at FGF is? Least favorite?

My favorite is anything with a kettlebell since I feel like I'm pretty good at that. Least favorite is running! I am SO SLOW!

When the Grind is kicking my butt, I’m thinking…

"I gotta keep up with Kelley!"

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

Definitely the family feel! I instantly fell in love with the positive atmosphere and have formed great relationships.

How has the rest of your life been influenced by Farmgirlfit?

I schedule my life around my workouts now! I've been so much better at taking care of myself and feeling good about my body. Working out each morning helps my whole day run smoother, and I am able to get more done with the after-workout energy boost I get.

When you're not pumping iron at FGF, what does the rest of your life look like?

With 2 kids, my life is a fun and crazy circus! I am able to stay at home with my kids most days and work weekends or late nights. I am super involved with our church as a youth leader and a children's church teacher and occasionally on the worship team. I love to keep busy and get together with friends, but am also very much a home-body, if I don't have something I HAVE TO get done that day, I'll stay home and probably not even get out of my pajamas!

As a kid I dreamt I would grow up to be:

A daycare owner and a farmer, I was going to have the daycare kids harvest the crops! 😂

My favorite holiday and why:

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite! I love having my family together, and when a good meal is involved, that's the best!

You might not know this about me:

I have moved 12 times in the last 5 years and lived in 3 different states...and I'm moving again in a few months! So make that 13!

My healthy indulgence:

"Apple pie" oatmeal! I could eat it daily! It's basically a chopped apple with cinnamon and molasses cooked into my oatmeal.

Any advice for new members or your fellow farmgirls?

You'll love Farmgirlfit! Don't be afraid to step through the door and try it...your future self will thank you for it!

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