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FGF SPO - Limited Opening June 1

Posted: May 25, 2020
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With Spokane County moving to Phase 2, and the Governor's new allowance for studios like ours to reopen on a limited basis during Phase 2, here are our plans for June, and your membership options.

The requirements to reopen during this phase are very strict. Besides the regular restrictions you’re used to hearing about and following (6’ distancing, face masks, additional sanitizing, etc.) the ones most applicable to our decision-making are:
  • Classes limited to 5 participants.
  • Providing childcare strictly prohibited.
  • “High-risk individuals” (by definition this includes anyone age 65+ or anyone with asthma) explicitly prohibited from participation.
Under these Phase 2 restrictions, it’s simply not possible for us to serve our community exclusively with an in-person offering; however, we recognize the importance of (and are desperately longing for) the transition back to in-person classes. Therefore, for the month of June, we will be BOTH continuing our virtual offering AND adding limited in-person classes. You can understand that this double-duty creates additional obstacles particularly in terms of staffing. After working through several possible scenarios, we’ve come up with the one we believe will best serve our community during Phase 2:
  1. Prioritize the virtual offering,
  2. Start opening up limited in-person classes,
  3. Plan to expand the in-person offering as we move into each subsequent phase with more restrictions lifted.
Thank you for your ongoing patience, understanding, and support as we all navigate these previously uncharted waters.

Virtual Offering

We will continue our Virtual Offering (both live and recorded classes) for the entire month of June, but are making some changes to the live class schedule to best serve as many of you as possible, while also operating the in-person classes. Here is the new schedule starting June 1st:
  • 6:30am Class: Now live every day and is the one that will be recorded and posted to the video archive daily. This recording should be available by 8:30am each day.
  • Wednesdays: 9am will continue as Yoga or Mobility Flow. Both the 6:30am and Noon on Wednesdays will be The Grind, like the other days.
  • Book on MINDBODYContinue to book into class on MINDBODY (either via the app, or the button below). After booking, you’ll receive an email or text (depending on your settings) with the link to join us on Zoom.
  • Archive of Recorded ClassesThe link will be emailed this coming weekend, once we have all the memberships set for June.
  • Workout PDFs: A PDF version of all the workouts, including links to each exercise will continue to be included for June. The format will look different than the past 12 weeks, but will still be an easy-to-navigate resource for you in addition to, or separately from the live/recorded classes.
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In-Person Classes

Starting June 1st, and for the duration of Spokane County Phase 2, we are only able to offer in-person classes in the afternoons. As we transition into Phase 3 (which looks to be mid-June) we anticipate being able to expand this offering.

For now, in-person classes are limited to 5 participants per class. However, we will be offering 2 classes simultaneously at each time slot taught by 2 separate coaches. Given the size of our space, this allows us to meet the 5:1 limitation while also staying well below our fire code building occupancy. Additionally, during this phase we will not allow any new members nor drop-ins to attend in-person classes. All spaces will be reserved for existing members.
  • You must sign-up for class in advance on MINDBODY – via the app, or the button below (TIP: Bookmark the website for easy access in the future).
  • Classes open to book 1 week in advance BUT no in-person classes are available to book until tomorrow morning.
  • If there is space available, you can sign-up right until the class actually starts.
  • There will be a 1 person waitlist per class. If you’re on the Waitlist and someone cancels, you’ll receive a notification that you’re able to attend.
  • Please be respectful to your fellow Farmgirls by only booking into a class you know you can attend.
  • If you book and something comes up, please cancel at least 15 minutes prior to class, otherwise you will be charged (i.e. it will be deducted from your visits for the month).

June Membership Options

Even though we are opening in-person classes, we know it's highly limited, so we continue offering the blanket 30% discount to all monthly paying members. This 30% is on the June 1st billing and on top of any membership discount you already receive. If you would like to maintain your membership with the 30% discount, DO NOTHING.
If you are able to maintain your full membership (without the 30% discount) to help us support continued and expanded operations during this difficult time, we will be incredibly grateful. Email us by end of day Wednesday, May 27. Note: If you chose this option previously, we will NOT assume the same for June.
If you know you will not be able to attend any in-person classes for the month of June, even if we're able to open up more later in the month, then a Virtual Only Membership ($60+tax) might be your best option. Our billing company is offering extended flexibility in this time. Email us by end of day Wednesday, May 27. 
If your situation has changed and you need to hold or cancel for June, we understand and will look forward to your return when possible. Again, our billing company is offering extended flexibility in this time.  Email us by end of day Wednesday, May 27. If you already contacted us specifically for June, nothing further is needed.
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You can expect 2 more emails from us later this week:
  1. Will include all of the new protocols and procedures for in-person classes, including an additional waiver that must be signed prior to participating. Expect Friday 5/29.
  2. Only for June Members: will include the link to the video archive of recorded classes and the link to the workout PDFs. Expect by Sunday 5/31.
Of course, if you have questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Hugs and High-Fives,
Spirit Fingers and Jazz Hands,

The Farmgirlfit Team
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