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Working Out from Home with Kids

Posted: April 15, 2020
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Spokane Coach Erika shares some ideas you may find helpful, if you're in the same boat, struggling to adjust to this new reality, new "normal." Enter Erika:

In the past (you know, pre-Corona), there have been times when I thought that it might be easier to work out from home. You remember those days when you’re struggling to get everyone out the door and asking for the millionth time if they would just put their shoes on.  Recently, I’ve realized just how wrong I was. 

If you’re like me or many of the Farmgirlfit mamas I’ve talked with over the last few weeks, you find yourself struggling with working out from home. I know that seeing everyone and sweating a little will make me feel so much better, but it has been a challenge to do it while my daughter, Thea, is bouncing around and crawling all over me the whole time. The last week we’ve been trying out some ideas to keep her entertained while I get to work out.  I’ve listed a few ideas below that hopefully will help you and I’d LOVE to hear any other ideas that are working for your family!

Involve Your Kid(s) in Your Workout: 

My daughter, Thea, loves going to Farmgirlfit or as she calls it, “purple gym”, so she was super excited when I told her she could finally work out with mama at home.  I’ve been giving her the option to workout with me if she wants and it’s a win-win, even if she only makes it through part of the warm-up before getting bored and going off to play.

  • Try setting out a mat for your child right next to yours.
  • Use household items (hello spatulas and wooden spoons) or really light dumbbells so they can follow along with you.
  • Make it a race or a game to see who can finish their reps.
  • If there is a run/walk option have them do it with you!  Thea loves to scooter while I run, and then you both get some fresh air and to get the wiggles out!

Build an Obstacle Course or Fort: 

Nothing beats an obstacle course when your kid is bouncing off the walls and needs to get some energy out.  Pillows can be bridges through hot lava, rolled up yoga mats make great balance beams, and books can become stepping stones.  Forts are another great option that can be made from stuff around your house.  Have some fun building it together before your workout, and then enjoy your sweat sesh as they play.

Keep Them Busy with an Activity: 

There is a ton of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest for activities for kids. I’m a big fan of Busy Toddler (@busytoddlerand Days with Grey (@dayswithgrey) on Instagram. They are mostly geared towards younger kids, but their activities are simple and easy to lay-out. Yesterday I set out Thea’s tea set and some water to keep her busy while I worked out.  It was a super simple set-up that kept her occupied and happy.

Make a Busy Basket:

Grab a basket or bin and add some items that your kids can do on their own.  A trick is to only bring it out when you workout, so it becomes something special that your kids only get when you workout. Some ideas for things to include:

  • Favorite books,
  • Coloring sheets & crayons/markers,
  • Stickers,
  • Puzzles or games.

Snack and Screen Time:

When all else fails or when even attempting a workout is all the motivation you have, there is always the classic of a yummy snack and some screen time.  This is survival ladies, use whatever you need to get through!

Lastly, and maybe the most important thing to remember is, even if we’re apart this is still Farmgirlfit. The community we’ve built where you can show up knowing there is no judgment and we are all just happy to see your face. So, let your kids run wild!  If you’re joining us on Zoom, you can always shut the camera and sound off if you need to and just follow along as best you can. Together, we will get through this…TBD if the kids survive! 😜

Virtual Hugs & High Fives,

Coach Erika


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