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Stronger Together Coalition

Posted: January 4, 2021
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With the ongoing mandated closure of gyms and fitness centers in Washington state in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Farmgirlfit (along with 15 other gyms and studios) formed the Stronger Together Coalition. This is our message (click the image to watch the video):

💪 We are powerful. We are not the problem, but a weapon in the fight against it.

💪 We are safe. Time and again, science has shown that gyms and coach-led fitness facilities have one of the lowest rates of transmission (less than 1%).

💪 We are committed. We have done our best to pivot our businesses and operate under state-mandated closures and restrictions that have devastated our businesses. We will continue to strive for integrity in the fight for forward movement and are committed to providing a safe space for our people.

💪 We are vital. We are direct contributors to the life of our community. We provide space for the building and sustaining of both physical and mental health.

💪 We are ready. Our group has developed and presented to the Governor a detailed and conscientious reopening plan based on solid data and science and incorporating the state’s own regulations as previously issued.

💪 We are stronger together. We are standing as one community, believing that what we do matters deeply for the health and sanity of those we love and serve.

➡️ Join the movement.

  1. Follow, like, and share the Stronger Together Coalition Spokane page on Facebook for all the latest news and ways to support us as we take steps forward to reopen.
  2. Make your voice heard. Write to Governor Inslee if you believe gyms are essential to the well-being of our city #spokane.
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