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Pennies for Pull-Ups Prep

Posted: August 27, 2015
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It’s that time of year again, fall is just around the corner...and so is our annual Pennies for Pull-Ups event! Each year this is how we celebrate our anniversary: a challenge for our members, and an opportunity to give back to the community that has given us so much support. This October will be the 4th anniversary for our Spokane location, and the 1st anniversary for Coeur d’Alene!

Member Challenge:

Each day for the entire month of October, Farmgirlfit members are challenged to complete the number of pull-ups corresponding to the date:

  • October 1st – do 1 pull-up
  • October 2nd – do 2 pull-ups
  • October 3rd – do 3 pull-ups, and so on,
  • October 31st – do 31 pull-ups!

By the end of the month, if a member completes the full challenge, she will have done 496 pullups! There’s also a bonus option to complete 4 more on the last day to join the 500 Club.

Giving Back:

For EVERY pull-up completed during the month, Farmgirlfit will donate 1 penny to a local charity. We also encourage our members to reach out to friends and family to sponsor them in this event, either for a flat dollar amount, or a per pull-up contribution. Each year we choose a different local charity, and the amount of our donation has grown from just over $3400 the first year to over $4300 last year!

Getting Prepped:

The number of pull-ups completed also continues to increase. Last year Farmgirlfit members completed 56,318 pull-ups! You don’t need us to tell you, that’s A LOT of pull-ups. It’s important that we prepare our shoulders to handle that volume of work.

To that end, Coach Liz has created a Shoulder Prep Strengthening Course that will be offered at both locations every Wednesday in September. Then in October, these classes will transition to Kipping Courses. These classes very much build on themselves, so make it your goal to attend as many as possible! They are a complimentary benefit with your membership. In November, we’ll wrap it up with some extra emphasis on mobility and Yoga attendance!

The Why?

Strengthening the shoulder capsule (rotator cuff muscles) along with lower lats and deltoids is imperative to stabilizing the shoulder joint. A correctly stabilized shoulder will improve overhead lifts, prevent shoulder injuries, AND strengthen your PULL-UPS! Set yourself up for success!

After building the strength and learning proper shoulder placement, let’s learn how to come off those bands safely and effectively with designated coach-led kipping courses! Even if you already know how to kip, these classes will help you become more efficient, and even learn some different techniques, plus don’t forget to count those pull-ups for Pennies for Pull-Ups.


At the Cd’A location, we’ll incorporate the September work before and after every Wednesday class. Give yourselves a little extra-time to fit it in. Stay tuned for dates and times for the October Kipping Courses.

In Spokane, designated classes will be offered every Wednesday—1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon/evening. Check our Class Schedule, or these links for specific times: September and October

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