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An Open Invitation for Dialogue

Posted: June 23, 2020
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Farmgirlfit was founded to be an inclusive and welcoming community. A space where ALL womxn feel safe, comfortable and confident as they are, even as they explore the limits of their ability, working towards their best self. To feel challenged, but supported, accepted, and uplifted in their journey.

This weekend’s Pride workouts at both locations were a great example of that commitment to acceptance, to coming together, to hard work and fun, to celebrating our differences and also our common humanity.

And yet, we are distinctly aware of the lack of people of color in these photos and amongst our overall membership base. Sure, this could be attributed to the general racial make-up of our city (85.1% white in Spokane and 92.9% in Cd'A, according to the most recent ACS), but…what if it’s not? While we have never been overtly racist, we have learned a lot in the last few weeks about covert and systemic racism and the associated white privilege. That we are just learning about these issues has us questioning how much we may have contributed to the problem, albeit unknowingly and unintentionally, before we knew better.

What if we’ve allowed an environment that is not particularly welcoming to BIPOC womxn, or any womxn for that matter? That’s a “what-if” that cuts to the core of who we are and what we stand for, so one that we feel strongly about rooting out. To that end, I extend an open invitation:

If you or anyone you know have ever felt uncomfortable at Farmgirlfit—and I’m not talking about the uncomfortable that sets in around minute 12 of a 20-minute AMRAP when it’s 90-degrees outside and at least 157-degrees inside; no, I’m talking about the unsettling, sinking feeling in your gut when you’ve been made to feel lesser than or as if you don’t quite belong simply for who you are (whether based in race, age, gender, body type, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or any other descriptor)—if you are willing to share, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. To allow your experience to become a learning opportunity and catalyst for change. The invitation is open even if you can’t pinpoint specifically what made you feel this way, but you know that you did feel it, or if it didn’t happen to you, but something you witnessed that made you cringe. I promise to listen and learn from you, to withhold all judgement, and especially not to be defensive nor try to “explain away.”

To submit your experience anonymously, use the Questions form on either of the Location pages here on our website: Spokane or Cd'A. Enter your favorite alter ego name and a fake email address; your message will still be submitted. Or, I welcome a direct email and we can arrange a time to chat over the phone, in person, or continue corresponding via email.

Thank you for helping to ensure Farmgirlfit is indeed a safe and welcoming community for ALL womxn…and our coed friends!

With much love,

Jaunessa Walsh 



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