Laura Van Voorhis


Growing up in Salt Lake City, Laura played competitive soccer. She has been in healthcare since she was 16 and a nurse since 2011 in cardiac intensive care. As an adult, Laura enjoyed running and hiking, but it wasn’t until 2015, when a friend brought her to Farmgirlfit, that she truly found fitness to be so much fun.

She has been both surprised and proud of her fitness journey strides since joining Farmgirlfit, and is excited to help other women find the same! Laura holds a USAW Level 1 and uses encouragement and positivity to help members push themselves. She says, “I want to help y’all do a little more to improve each day, whether that means going a little faster, getting a little deeper in a squat, adding a little more weight, jumping a little higher, or laughing a little harder!”


Van Vizzle, because Van Voorhis is impossible for most.

You might not know

I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Botswana and I still love traveling more than anything.

i'm ProuD

Of my strength and improved fitness since joining Farmgirlfit, who knew I’d be lifting such weight (ahem, 173.8# Clean...yes, exactly) and coming back for more day after day!

my favorite book

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

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