Jenni Niemann


If Jenni knows one thing, it’s that sometimes the greatest battle is simply walking through the doors of a gym. Her philosophy? If you make it to Farmgirlfit, she’s not going to let you leave without feeling like you’ve accomplished something worthy that day. Growing up on a farm near tiny Adrian, Oregon, Jenni cultivated a motto of “keep it simple, get it done” — which she applies to the workouts at Farmgirlfit.

A sprint triathlete, avid runner, yoga enthusiast, holder of a BS in Exercise Science from Gonzaga University and a CrossFit Level 1 certificate, she is the proud mother of Jack & Wyatt, and wife of Mark — who initially encouraged her to pursue a career in training women how to get “outside the box” and have fun when it comes to fitness.

Favorite Workout Song

"Work" by Rihanna

My happy place

A warm water beach with my two boys happily playing in the sand and my hubby just brought me a plate of ceviche' and an ice cold cocktail.

As a kid i dream't i'd grow up to be

A famous fashion designer or be in Cirque du Soleil.  One of these could still happen!

You might not know

When you drive into my hometown Adrian, Oregon you’ll see that the Population is 150 and the City Hall is a well decorated outhouse.


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