Heather Bowman


Heather grew up in Spokane where her 6’1” stature led her to the sport of basketball. She played collegiately for the Zags and then continued on professionally in Switzerland and Australia. Upon returning to Spokane she sought an environment that met both the competition she was accustomed to, and the level of fitness. A handful of people recommended her to Farmgirlfit where she found the competition, team environment and butt-kicking she needed in her life.

Heather holds a CrossFit Level 1 certification as well as a Precision Nutrition cert. She believes that everyone who comes through FGF is an athlete, and if YOU don’t believe it, you’re about to surprise yourself! Her favorite part of FGF is helping the members realize their full potential, through exercise and nutrition.

Favorite Workout Song

Anything with a beat that isn't screaming at me.

I'm Proud...

Of my fitness journey since college. It's been more of a process than most people realize. I'm happy to be at a place where I can work to improve myself daily.

As a kid I dreamt I'd grow up to be

Age 4: A professional ice skater with my dad as my partner in a batman outfit. This is a real thing I said. There’s proof.


I usually remind myself that my body can keep going far beyond what my mind is telling me.

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Get Your Gear