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Sep 16th Friday

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Special shout-out to all of the silver foxes and those that consider themselves to be "older", who continue to work-out and maintain their fitness. You might not think so, but there ARE definite advantages to being one with a few years under her belt. For starters, you're a ROLE MODEL -  showing all the younger ladies how to age gracefully- full of life and energy! YOU TRAIN smarter and are body aware. You have self preservation (knowing + respecting your limits) while still being willing to try different exercises and add on some weight (although we have heard you occasionally say "oh honey, I'm just too old for that.") You've SEEN many generations of women in your lifetime and I trust that means you know what you should be doing to maintain your health and happiness. By choosing to exercise and lift weights right along side me, you affirm what I hope to be true - that I can be like you one day. If I continue to be strong, sweat hard, and have a good attitude, I might be lucky enough to be a silver fox one day too! Thank you! 

2 Rounds For Time [Partners]

Level 1
60 DB Squats50 DB Deadlifts40 T-Push-ups 30 DB Push Press20 DB Bent Over Row60 DB Snatches400 M Run (together + DB)





1 Rep Max Deadlift

Level 1
Partner Total = sum of Weights + combined Age!

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