The Grind

Oct 7th Friday

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28 Pull-ups will get you completely caught up with Pennies for Pull-ups! Week 1 and Week 2 are pretty forgiving as far as keeping up, once we get to Week 3 and 4 you'll really have to stay dedicated. 

Have you asked your friends & family to give you a penny for every pull-up you do? Click HERE for more information & details! Help us support and give back to our community! 

For Time

Level 1
800 M Run25 Shoulder Press50 Air Squats75 DU's | 200 Singles100 Ab Mat Sit-ups800 M Run


45# +

60# +

30 DU's + 135 Singles

75# +


Work it out

Level 1
12 Inchworms + Runner's Lunge

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