The Grind

Oct 4th Tuesday

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Day 4 of Pennies for Pull-ups! Not familiar with what P4P is? Check it out HERE!

October is such a special time Farmgirlfit - Celebrating 5 years in Spokane and 2 years in Coeur d'Alene! Pennies for Pull-ups isn't a requirement of all members, but we definitely feel like everyone can do their part - as pull-ups are already a part of our regular Grinds! EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT CAUGHT UP EACH WEEK - every pull-up that you log in the book, under your name is GREATLY appreciated and will be counted as a penny donated to the Union Gospel Mission (Spokane & CdA locations). Outright donation are awesome but we'd really like you to get sponsors to give you ___ per pull-up. Be willing to do the work! How much money are you getting for EVERY pull-up that YOU DO?

5 Rounds - For Weight (1RM)

Level 1
Front Squat

5 Rounds For Time

Level 1
5 Front Squats [60-70% of 1RM]200 M Run10 DB Push Press






Level 1
15 GHD Back Extension [pause]1 min Couch Stretch [both sides]15 GHD Back Extension [pause]

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