The Grind

Nov 20th Monday

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Mondays are for:


✔️fresh starts

✔️getting 💩 DONE!

Mondays are what YOU make them! #nevermissamonday #mondaymotivation                             

20*15*10*5* for Time!

Level 1
Front SquatsSit-UpsHR Push-Ups* = 400m Run

~60% of 1RM


Bench/Box (No HR)


~60% of 1RM

1 DB @ Chest 10/15#

Some Knees OK

Mix: 400/200m?

~60% of 1RM

1 DB @ Chest or OH 15/20#

Toes Only

~60% of 1RM

1 DB @ Chest or OH 20/25#


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