The Grind

Nov 15th Wednesday

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No pressure from the clock 😌 --> focus on performing each movement to the absolute BEST of your ability! For almost all of today's exercises, you'll get the greatest benefit by being slow and controlled!

4 Rounds Not for Time

Level 1
12 OH KB Sit-Ups12 Seated KB Presses12 Pistols (6/side)12 Physio Ball Bridges or Hamstring CurlsMAX Unbroken STRICT Pull-UpsRun

Up to 10#

Ring Rows

R1: 400m R2: 400m R3: 200m R4: 200m


Green or 2 Bands

R1: 400m R2: 400m R3: 400m R4: 200m


1 Band (Blue or Smaller)

R1: 600m R2: 600m R3: 400m R4: 200m

20# +


R1: 800m R2: 600m R3: 400m R4: 200m

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