The Grind

May 2nd Monday

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"The coaches and other members are extremely encouraging. Everyone makes the workouts fun and exciting and they are NEVER boring." ~ Beth, FGF Spokane Member #showupforeachother #evenforsnatches #thisonewillNOTbeboring #MondayMotivation #FGFMemberProfile

7x1 Snatch Complex

Level 1
HIGH Hang Snatch +HANG Snatch +FULL Snatch

Teams of 3 for Reps and Time!

Level 1
2 Rounds:2:00 HR Push-Ups2:00 AbMat Sit-Ups2:00 Slam Balls*REST 3:00*END: 3,000m Row

Bench? or Knees

Anchored feet?


Some Knees


Toes Only


No Worming!


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