The Grind

May 10th Wednesday

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Part 1: If you did the Complex last week Thursday, then see if you can get finish with the same or even slightly heavier weight...even though we've added another Front Squat! 😳💪

Part 2: Set a steady pace and JUST. KEEP. MOVING.

Clean and Jerk Complex

Level 1
1 Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk5-8 Reps to HEAVY, then1 @ 90%1 @ 80%1 @ 70%

15 Minute AMRAP

Level 1
5 Pull-Ups10 Push-Ups15 Air Squats20 Sit-Ups

Jumping or Ring Rows



Jumping or Bands

Knees Ok

1 Band

Toes ↓ Knees ↑


Toes Only

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