The Grind

Jul 4th Monday

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Our locations are closed for the Independence Day holiday, but we came up up with this "do anywhere" workout for those of you getting antsy to sweat!

Roll a dice; perform the exercise corresponding to the number rolled; then roll the dice again for the next exercise.  Continue working for 7:00, then rest 1:00, and repeat 4 times through!  Find more explanation of each movement in our most recent podcast episode HERE.  Show us your Grind on Facebook or Instagram with #4thofJulySweat @farmgirlfit

4th of July Lucky Dice

Level 1
1 = Sprint Swim or Run2 = 2 Double Push-Up Burpees3 = 0:30 Plank4 = 4 per side Chopsticks5 = 5 Weighted [Jump?] Squats6 = 6 per side Warrior Mt Climbers

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