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Jul 13th Wednesday

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As if Wall Balls weren't fun enough on their own... Try this little split lunge wall ball on for size! You can blame Instagram fun fitness fanatic @Kaisafit for the inspiration on this move. Have fun with it- do your best! #funfitness #always #mixinitup

AMRAP 12 Minutes

Level 1
10 SDHP10 HR Push-ups10 Mt Climbers (L+R = 1 Rep)10 Split Lunge Wall Ball

25-35# (KB ok)

Bench/ Knees OK

Bench OK

Wall Ball + Step Back Lunge (separate)

45# (KB ok)

5 on Toes, 5 on Knees (if needed)

Best work! -->


NO knees


NO knees

Catch ball in next rep position

20 Reps for BEST FORM (& weight)

Level 1

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