The Grind

Jan 18th Thursday

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Usually you'll hear us telling you to hustle, no stopping, move FASTER...but there is great benefit sometimes to sloooowing down, to focus on moving deliberately and with intention. Today is one of those days.

The row should be a focus on holding a fast but steady pace. It is not necessarily a sprint, but should also not be row, row, row your boat-ing! 🚫🚣🙄

4 Rounds Not For Time

Level 1
Row (1000/750/500/250)MAX Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups10 Single-Leg Deadlift (total)10 OH KB Sit-Ups0:30 Dead Bug Hold

Ring Rows

Up to 18#

Up to 10#

Green or 2 Bands



1 Band (Blue or Smaller)





20# +

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