The Grind

Feb 6th Tuesday

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Have you seen the post for our upcoming Sweet Enough Sugar Shakedown??? This week is PREP WEEK, with the Shakedown officially starting next Monday, the 12th! This week, you have 3 To-Do's:

☝️ Start gathering resources, familiarizing yourself with sugar’s many other names, and potentially cleaning out your cupboards.

✌️ Pick up your tracking calendar at the gym, and perhaps treat yourself to a new water bottle! High water consumption in your future!

👌 Find your No Sugar Sweetie, "your ride-or-die, tried-and-true, in it 'til the end" accountability buddy to keep you on track through the 6 weeks! Maybe she can also be your sweat sister for today's partner Grind! 👯

Partner Up! 3 Rounds or 30-Min AMRAP

Level 1
10 {HEAVY} Hang Power Cleans 20 Pull-Ups 30 Burpees (Over Partner) - Partner = 40 Wall Balls 50 High-5 Sit-Ups60 Double Unders

Up to 45#

Ring Rows or Jumping



Or :60 Sec Singles -->


Jumping or Bands

Knees OK

Partner on Floor



1 Band

Toes Only

Elbow Plank


125# +



Hand Plank

15#/10’ or 20#/9’

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