The Grind

Feb 22nd Thursday

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To Grind or not to Grind on this Thursday? πŸ€” As you make your decision, consider the simple and oh so true words of Mahatma Gandhi: "Action expresses priorities."  #choosewisely #prioritizeyou #seeyouthere

Choose ONE exercise today to be your challenge, 🀨 maybe the Snatch? Box Jumps? Rope Climb? Up to YOU, but pick ONE and allow it to slow you down, then HUSTLE through the others!

8 Rounds for Time

Level 1
3 Power Snatch 6 Box Jumps 9 KB Swings 0:30 Plank 1 Rope Climb

Lady’s Choice -->

Up to 12”

Up to 18#

Anyway -->





24” +


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