The Grind

DEC 31st Wednesday

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"Dropping the Ball" - A New Year's Eve inspired Grind

With a partner, complete 10 down to 1 of the couplet Medicine Ball Cleans into Wall Balls and Deadlifts. Only one partner can be doing these movements at a time. Let the Med Ball Cleans + WBs drop to the floor once the ball hits the target and let the barbell drop to the floor on the Deadlift from the top of the lift. As a team you must also complete 2,015 double-unders.  While the one partner is working on the Med Ball Cleans+WBs and Deadlifts, the other may work on the double unders. Switch as needed. If you finish the couplet before finishing the double-unders, then at the end you'll just be double-undering.

Happy NYE!

Dropping the Ball (or Bell) - 10-9-8 ... 3-2-1

Level 1
MB Clean to WB (drop)DL (drop at top)





10#/10' or 15#/9'




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