The Grind

Dec 28th Thursday

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Part 1: We've been working on them all month long. Option A is working at “heavy” but not necessarily maxing. Option B is to find NEW 1-Rep BEST! 🏋️‍♀️

Part 2: Accomplish this work in any order, but ALWAYS taking the 1:00 rest before Snatches. Keep 'em pretty!

~10 Sets

Level 1
A. Snatch + OHSB. To 1-Rep Max Snatch

3 Rounds for Time

Level 1
8 Power Snatch8 Box Jumps8 Burpees8 Pull-Ups8 Calorie Row*1:00 REST*

~60-70% Part 1

Up to 12”


Ring Rows or Jumping

~60-70% Part 1


Some Knees OK

Jumping or Bands

~60-70% Part 1


Toes Only

1 Band

~60-70% Part 1




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