The Grind

Aug 3rd Wednesday

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They're Baaaaaack. There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide. Just stop running from them. The more you do, them, the better you'll be at them! Improving overall mobility, core strength, and pride one Overhead Squat at a time. #keepingpeoplemobilesince1979 #everyrepcounts #OHSforsuccess 

EMOM 12 Minutes (ascending by 2 reps each round)

Level 1
Overhead SquatCore Work

:20 Plank or 5 Obliques (8-10# db)

5 Obliques (15# db)

6-8 Obliques (20# db)

8 Obliques (25# db)

2 Rounds - 1 minute each

Level 1
Spinal Balance HoldsDown Dog or Child's PoseCouch Stretch

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