The Grind

Apr 12th Wednesday

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Internal dialogue of a Farmgirl: What's the Grind today?

[Checks website] Oh, Snatches...umm ya, I'm already pretty sore, plus I have SO MUCH to do...don't think I can make it today.

[Scrolls down] Oh wait, TABATAs? I mean, I guess I'm not that sore, and I could probably squeeze in a workout. It'll be a good stress release, plus endorphins, those are good for me, right? But Snatches though...decisions, decisions...

#choosewisely #beyourownwomancrush #wcw

20 Minutes to Find Heavy 1-Rep

Level 1
Full Snatch +OH Squat


Level 1
Plate G2OHTricep Press (Rings)5-Point HopsRow (Meters)





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