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Laura Francis, 32

Posted: October 21, 2016
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“It opened my eyes to how much potential I have as a person, and how capable I am of actually doing athletic things…It taught me how to better my life, established a great fitness routine, and also instilled in me the value of tremendous friendship with so many wonderful women.”

Member Of:

FGF@Home; formerly, Farmgirlfit Spokane


Medical Social Worker, but mostly a stay-at-home mamma now

Tell us about your fitness journey, and how it lead to Farmgirlfit.

Years ago (like 6 or more years ago), just as CrossFit was starting to become popular, I heard about a girls only CrossFit class. I was never the athletic-type (and was always told I could never be sporty, or athletic), and was mostly skinny fat with a lot of unhealthy habits. While I was going to get my Masters, I decided to try it out. I loved it but mostly I loved the instructor [Jenni]. She made me love what I did, proud of how I did it, and taught me so much! I loved her so much I followed her when she opened Farmgirlfit.

Please share your Farmgirlfit story.

I was there when the doors opened for the Spokane Farmgirlfit. It was my outlet, it was somewhere where I could take pride in what I did, and I have no doubt it made me a better individual all-around. I spent many, many early mornings and late evenings and Saturdays enjoying the company of barbells, kettlebells, and amazing people. My non-athletic self, became something I was so proud of! The girl that couldn't do a single pull-up could do over 20 without a band and deadlift 205#. Farmgirlfit became so much a part of my life, even my husband worked out with us sometimes (he could never keep up!). It was one of the hardest things to leave behind when my family left Spokane in 2015 to move to the East coast.

What has been your greatest fitness/performance accomplishment so far, either at FGF or other?

My 205# DL is still my beast moment.

What are your next health fitness goals?

Getting back to Level 3/4. After having 2 kids and not having FGF to keep me accountable, I've slacked a little (a lot)!

Who/what inspires you to be fit?

My family! I want to be a hot mom for my hubby and a fit mom to chase after these wild tiny humans!

Do you have a favorite and/or least favorite exercise from the @Home program?

I love moves like snatches, cleans, and deadlifts. They make me feel like I'm actually back at the gym!

My favorite thing about Farmgirlfit is:

The coaches!

Do you have a favorite Farmgirlfit story or memory?

I once tore my MCL and was in a straight leg brace for 8 weeks...I never missed a workout at FGF!!

How has the rest of your life been impacted by Farmgirlfit?

It opened my eyes to how much potential I have as a person, and how capable I am of actually doing athletic things. It also educated me in so many ways! It taught me how to better my life, it established a great fitness routine, and also instilled in me the value of tremendous friendship with so many wonderful women. I learned how to be coachable and also how to cheer others on. From diet to muscles and everything in between FGF has been dear to my heart.

Besides doing the FGF@Home program, what does the rest of your life look like?

Right now, my family lives in West Virginia. I'm a stay-at-home mommy of two; Summer who is 3 and Jaxxon who is 6 months. We are a proud military family! My husband is just about to retire from the Air Force! We spend lots of time doing family things and chasing tiny humans. We hope to come back to Washington someday.

My hero is:

My husband. He's a combat medic in the Air Force. He's the definition of a hero.

You might not know this about me:

I love the fair, as in the Interstate fair. It's like a season for me. I even buy a fair outfit. 2016 was the first fair I've missed since 2005.

Words that inspire me?

"Chin up princess, or the crown slips"

Guilty pleasure: 

Anything that involves peanut butter and chocolate.

I’m proud…

Of myself, for many reasons.

My trademark dance move: 

Fairy butterfly (it's bad, you don't want to see it)

My favorite holiday and why:

Christmas, because I LOVE to buy for other people to see their happy faces!

Any advice for potential members or fellow farmgirls?

For potential members, do it! You won't regret a thing and you'll make lifetime friendships. Not to mention, you'll have some serious gains of confidence and muscle.

Fellow farmgirls, I miss you so much! I'm so thankful for this at home program!

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